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As our name suggests, NoomadBike is a one-stop solution so as to latest information and innovations going on in the field of cycling. Our website is a platform where anyone looking for solutions to their bike related issues can get complete guidance. Regardless of whether it is tied in with purchasing a bicycle, setting it up, utilizing it, upkeep of the bicycle and significantly more.

Cycling is a good exercise for our body. With the help of cycling, a person can easily get rid of unnecessary fats as well as calories from their body. Moreover, Cycling also makes transportation of goods and humans from one place to another extremely simple and cost-effective. Noomadbike is one such platform, which will provide with an in-depth information about it.


What do we do at Noomadbike?

We are having an experienced team for writing down the reviews about bikes. They identify the issues prevailing among the consumers and give solutions to them. Apart from that, our peer market reviewers also keep an eye on the market. In this way, they provide valuable information about the leading products in the market.

Our experts write from the perspective of a customer. This lets them deliver the exact accurate information about which a person is seeking for. Furthermore, they also address the issues with regards to a bike. Such as, Which bike should one buy, Considerations for buying a bike, What to look for in a bike, Best Bike Accessories and a lot more. This wouldn’t require anyone to move on to any other platform in order to get information.

Perhaps, the best part about us is we provide the best data on all grounds. Also, on the off chance that you need us to cover any subject of yours, then our reviewers will surely love to hear from you.

Team of Noomadbike

GlobalAnimal.org is run by a team of animal lovers. Each person volunteers time and skills to make this daily news magazine and social community possible for other animal lovers and advocates worldwide. Here’s more about the individuals who make up the Global Animal team:

Jane Randall, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Jane loves stories that bring clarity to confusing health issues or highlight curious health benefits. She has a master’s degree in journalism. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology and a Master of Science in biology from San Diego. When she’s not helping to shape Noomadbike, she enjoys all forms of exercise; reading works by her favorite author and playing with her sons. You can contact her at jane@noomadbike [dot] com.

Rabu Yome, Co-Founder & Publisher

Rabu grew up in Seattle and studied English literature and psychology before completing her graduate degree in science writing. She is particularly interested in the potential of exercise for reducing the risk of diseases as well as the role of exercise in regulating appetite and maintaining a healthy body composition.