How To Jump A Mountain Bike? | Essential Tips to Follow

You don’t ride a mountain bike simply, do you? For our such riders, who always aim at performing different types of stunts and show up their skills, we have presented this article on How to Jump a Mountain bike before all of you! If you are keen on bike riding and wish to improve your riding skills, then here are the things we would recommend you to do.

How To Jump A Mountain Bike – Some Hacks you should follow

When riding a mountain bike, we always feel to perform some skills, jumps and other such stunts on our mountain bike. However, if you are new to bike riding, then it might be a difficult task for you. Kindly go through the below-given points and get knowledge of the basics so as to learn how to jump a mountain bike.

1. Keep the Bike Ready

Prior to jumping, you have to make your bicycle ready for it. Properly tightening each of the components, you have to make it sure that the bike is firmly assembled. This would assure that the part wouldn’t fell off or the bicycle won’t be affected by the mighty ride.

2. Imagine your whole path

And when you are finally on the ground so as to perform your jump, it’s now the time to imagine your path. You have to fix in your mind about the path that you will follow. Before you jump, the jump shall be ready in your mind. Only then you will be able to do all the things in a right manner.

3. Take your Stance

If you are having a good stance, then the things will get easy for you. With a proper stance, the power of your jump will increase gradually. A proper stance, in case you are trying to get answers to How to jump a mountain bike, is the one which will support you in getting up. Therefore, you shall focus on your stance while preparing for your jump. An improper stance might also affect your landing, and result in the injury. Additionally, it prevents you from jumping with a complete zeal.

4. Start Riding at the desirable pace

The pace of the mountain bike impacts majorly on the bike’s jump. It should be neither too high nor too low if you are looking for a perfect jump. The speed shall be proportional to the degree of the path from where you are going to jump. viz. If the degree of the path is higher, then you shall ride at a slow speed. Whereas, if the degree of the path is lower, then you shall ride at a higher speed.

It is completely dependent on the arithmetic calculations. Due to this, you have to calculate it prior to your ride and practice it accordingly.

5. Compress the bike when you reach the uphill

After riding through some distance, here comes the uphill which will support you in getting upwards. Perhaps, this is the time where your actual practical stances are going to work. As soon as you reach the uphill, you have to compress the bike towards the ground surface area. This works as a spring! More you force the bike towards the ground, higher will be the force it will offer to you. Therefore, we must compress the bike properly towards the ground when climbing the uphill.

6. Pull the Handlebars at the perfect time

Another big mistake we make while learning How to Jump a Mountain bike is not pulling off the handlebars at a proper time. Pulling the handlebars at the right time increases the power of the bicycle while jumping. Hence, when the bicycle is about to leave the uphill at that time you have to pull them properly. This will make our bicycle jump in a proper manner.

7. Push, Twist and Scoop the Mountain Bike on time

If you are not going to perform any stunts or show up your skills during the jump, then it is of no use. It might also make it difficult for you to jump properly. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to Push yourself on the bicycle, twist the bicycle when it is in the air and scoop it in a good manner so as to have a perfect jump. A rider possessing all such skills is supposed to be a pro one. Hence, if you want to be a good rider, you shouldn’t skip performing all these skills.

8. Land Safely

The bottom line is after you have performed the jump, you shall be safe and sound. Landing properly on the bicycle is also an art you shall focus on. When coming down from the jump, you shall make it sure that the front wheel touches the ground first. If the bicycle fells on the bottom wheel, it will affect your backbone. Furthermore, it is also necessary to maintain the balance of the bike while coming down. Otherwise, you might face a drastic fall!

Loved it? We hope that our article helps you in learning How to Jump a Mountain Bike. If you are among those fellow bike riders, we wish that it will make you do crazy things on your bike with an ease. In order to get more such type of information about bikes, keep reading our articles on Noomadbike. 

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