Best Balance Bike Reviews of 2020 – Top Picks and In-Depth Reviews

For a kid, riding is a good form of exercise. We offer our kids with different types of toys in childhood. However, the balance bike is something which is not just a toy but also makes him learn many things. Gifting your toddler with a balance bike, you will make him learn to balance and controlling the steering. Hence, the kid will become an efficient driver when he will grow up!

There are different varieties prevailing among the balance bikes. Depending on the age of the kid, there are many options available with regards to its design, colors, weight, structure and a lot more. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to be very much careful while purchasing them.

Here is our review of the Best Balance Bikes, which will help you in getting the best bike for your kid. Go through it and gift a comfortable ride to your toddler.


At a Glance: Our top picks for Best Balance Bike

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance BikeSuitable for kids with having age in between 2 to 5 years, the Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike requires less maintenance and is very much easy to ride. Making adjustments in it as per the convenience of the rider is very much easy. This will make it comfortable for your kid to ride on it.

Strider - 12 Sport Balance BikeHaving a feature-rich design, the Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike is a product suitable for kids of age in between 1.5 to 5 years. With its ergonomic design, it makes riding full of convenience. Moreover, the kind of rigid structure it is having makes it last for a longer duration.

Fox Air Beds Balance Bike for Kids and ToddlersAvailable at an affordable cost, the Fox Air Beds Balance Bike for Kids and Toddlers is having a safe application so as to prevent injuries to your kid while riding on it. Suitable for kids in the age group of 18 to 60 months, it is having all the necessary features in the setup.

Best Balance Bike Reviews – Our top 10 Picks

Here are the top picks for the Best Balance Bike. When your kid is growing up, at such time giving him a balance bike will surely make him learn to ride quickly. It will not only provide him with necessary exercise but also it will make him strong enough. Have a look at these picks and decide, which is the best one for your toddler.

Editor's Picks
Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance BikeAll-in-one Balance Bike
Strider – 12 Sport Balance BikePremiunm Balance Bike
Fox Air Beds Balance Bike for Kids and ToddlersBudget Buy
TheCroco Premium & Ultra-Light Balance BikeLIGHTEST Balance Bike
Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training BikeBalance Training Bike

1. Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike

Having training walls in the structure so as to prevent your kids from falling off, the Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal is a Balance Bike which makes it safe to learn the riding skills. Offering us with a long deal of features, here are some of the key benefits of having the bike at our place:

Age Group: 1.5 Years to 5 Years Old


Featuring an elegant step-through design, this balance bike is easy to ride with the foot. It doesn’t have pedals in it, so your loved one requires to push it. Apart from that, it is having easy to adjust handles as well as seat posts. Hence, as your kid grows, you can make the necessary amendments. This will allow him to own the same bike for a long time.


Setup of this balance bike doesn’t have rubber tires. Therefore, you will never notice the issue of a tire going flat while riding the bike. Apart from that, it doesn’t demand frequent maintenance from your end. As a result, there wouldn’t be any interruption while driving.


Using this bicycle will be very much simple. It is having CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Compliance) certification indicating the safety parameters of the bike. Thus, you just have to gift it to your child, both of them will take care of each other.

Things we like about it!

  • Low Floor Design: Featuring a low floor design, it is a perfect product for a toddler till a grown-up child of 5 years of age.
  • Safe Operation: Using the balance bike will be extremely safe for the kids. They will be able to easily push it towards their destination.
  • Possible to stop with Feet: Your kid won’t require brakes for stopping it. He can do it on his own with the help of his feet.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Loose Seat: The seat of the equipment is quite loose. You would require to frequently tighten it so as to ensure the comfortable ride.
  • Plastic Tires: Instead of the rubber tires, setup of this balance bike constitutes plastic tires. As a result, the bike might not gain a firm grip on the ground.

2. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike

Possessing scope for future upgradations when your child becomes a pro rider, the Strider – 12 Sport is a Balance Bike for the people who love to have a product for a long term. Below listed are some of the attractive qualities of having it with us:

Age Group: 18 Months to 60 Months


It is a bike, which will first teach your kid to balance the bike. Later on, once he learns that, you can attach the pedal, foot brakes, heavy duty tires to it and make him experience how real cycle ride feels like!


Without any requirements for tools, you can easily make adjustments in the seat and handles. This reduces the efforts you would require to make with the growing height of your loved one. Moreover, the weight of the bike frame is also very much less making it simple to control the bicycle.


In order to ride the bike, your kid will just have to take a seat on the padded seat. There are flat-proof tires in the setup of the balance bike. Thus, you just have to gift it to him, your ward will love to ride it for the whole day.

Things we like about it!

  • Future Upgradations: The manufacturer has left some scope for development for future upgradations. You can attach foot brakes as well as heavy duty tires to it after your kid becomes a pro.
  • Durable Quality: With the use of high-grade materials for the construction, this is a product which will last with you without any kind of trouble.
  • Comfortable Operation: Using this bike is extremely comfy for the toddlers. He would learn his biking skills at a rapid rate with it.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Expensive: The cost of the balance bike is almost double than the other bikes. Hence, you would require spending more so as to get it to your place.
  • Corrosion: As the setup of the bike is having metallic components in it, the issue of corrosion is prevalent in them if the bike stays in contact with moisture for long.

3. Fox Air Beds Balance Bike for Kids and Toddlers

Fox Air Beds Balance Bike for Kids and Toddlers

Offering us with a satisfaction guarantee regarding the performance of the bike, the Fox Air Beds Balance Bike is for Kids and Toddlers who are in the age group of 2 to 6. Therefore, if your child too lies in this age range, then you must start thinking to gift it to him right now, as it is available at an affordable rate.

Age Group: 2 to 6 Years


It is the latest model of a balance bike. Constituting a rigid frame, puncture-free tires, and a comfy seat, riding on the bicycle will be extremely simple. You can easily adjust the seat in between 13 inches to 24 inches. Making the product suitable for a large age range.


There are tamper proof clamps within the setup of this unit. These clamps assure the safety of your child while he is riding on it. Additionally, it is having safety washers and a heavy-duty structure so as to allow even heavy kids to ride it with a great level of comfort.


The satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer’s end makes the application of the bicycle extremely worry-free for us. You just have to assemble it properly using the wrench and give it to your child. It wouldn’t disappoint your kid for sure!

Things we like about it!

  • Simple Assembly: Assembling the balance bike and putting it together is very much simple. You just have to put each thing in their right place and it is done!
  • Cost Efficient: The bike is available at an affordable rate. You would be spending much less so as to get it to your place.
  • Warranty: We will be getting a warranty of 1 year on the various parts and components in its setup. This would make it easier for us to get the repairs done in case of any!

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Delicate Construction: The construction of this balance bike is quite delicate. It might break under the sudden impact of a higher load.
  • Instructions Missing: You won’t get any instructions from the manufacturer’s end in order to efficiently ride the balance bike.

4. Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids

Banana Bike LT - Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids

Featuring a unique banana-shaped design, the Banana Bike LT – Lightweight is a Balance Bike on which your kid would love to ride on. It is an improved model of an earlier version. As a result, your child will get a better performance while riding on it. Below given are some of the key deliverables about having it with ourselves.

Age Group: 2 to 4 Years


Although the construction of the whole bike is done from metallic elements, it is very much light in weight. Due to this, it will be very much simpler for your kid to take a ride on it. Additionally, they will also be able to easily control it and carry it from one place to another.


This balance bike with a unique design is having lots of components in the setup. All these components allow your child to have a pleasant ride on it. Setup of the balance bike constitutes foam tires. Therefore, you will be forever out of the trouble of filling these tires with air and occasionally occurring punctures.


In order to operate the balance bike, your child would just have to climb the seat and start pushing it, that’s it! Deprive that there are many components in the setup, all of them are very much simple to use. So, there wouldn’t be any trouble or confusion in his mind while riding.

Things we like about it!

  • Better Performance: With the upgraded features it is having, we will be getting better performance while cycling.
  • Easy to Learn: For the kids who are using it for a learning purpose, this is the perfect appliance which will develop riding skills in them.
  • Comfy Seat: The seat of the balance bike is extremely comfortable. Hence, your ward will find a greater level of comfort while cycling.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Delicate Components: With the delicate components in the setup, we shall be careful while our child is riding it. Otherwise, a collision can break some of its parts.
  • Notches in Bike Frame: There are notches in the bicycle frame. As a result, the handlebar wouldn’t stay steady at its place.

5. Schwinn Balance Bike

Schwinn Balance Bike

Featuring a solid construction, the Schwinn Balance Bike is a perfect solution for kids who are not good at riding. With the kind of structure, it is having, it wouldn’t get deform under the sudden impact of the load. As a result, your ward will be riding on it comfortably, without any kind of trouble.

Age Group: 2 to 4 Years


The manufacturer has employed the use of high strength stainless steel within its setup. Therefore, we wouldn’t need to get worried about the breaking of the components. They are of high strength and can sustain much amount of load. All this ensures that even a naughty kid wouldn’t be affecting the bike’s structure in any manner.


Setup of the balance bike features the foot to frame design. Therefore, it will be very much simple for your kid to reach out to the floor. Pushing it towards the destination, this appliance assures the comfortable ride whenever he takes a seat on it.


Depending on the body physique of your child, you have to make adjustments in the seat as well as the handlebar. You will just need a wrench and some efforts for making changes in them. Once it is done, you are free to offer it to your child and let him ride on it.

Things we like about it!

  • Lifetime Warranty: The various parts and components of the setup of this bike are having up to a lifetime warranty. This assures us with its worry-free application with us.
  • Adjustable Components: There are adjustable components in the setup of the balance bike. We can easily adjust the seat and handlebar as per the body physique of the rider.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Heavy in Weight: This balance bike is very much heavy in weight. Therefore, controlling it and riding on it might become a bit difficult for your kid.
  • Uncomfortable Seat: The seat of this bike is much uncomfortable for some kids. Hence, if your loved one also faces the same issue then we would recommend you to get another seat for him.

6. KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

With the construction done according to a patented design, the KaZAM v2e is a No Pedal Balance Bike which works exceptionally well under all kind of circumstances. It is offering us with a great deal of features at an affordable rate which would make us avail its features at a less cost.

Age Group: 2 to 5 Years


The construction of this balance bike is based on a Footrest design. As a result, climbing on the bike, balancing it and using it in the way we want will be extremely comfortable for your ward.


Making the adjustments in the seat as well as handlebar of the equipment is pretty much of a simple task. You can buy it when your loved one is 2 years old and he will be using the same bike until the age of 5 Years. It is having a unique design that will make your child fall in love with it.


Riding this balance bike doesn’t require possessing the riding skills. You can simply gift it to your toddler and tell him to move it down the lane. He will for sure love riding it! It is very much user-friendly.

Things we like about it!

  • Footrest: There is a footrest in the setup. It would act as a support to his feet when he will be tired of riding.
  • Puncture Free Tires: You shouldn’t worry about punctures or filling the air in tires when owning this bike. With such tires, there will not be any requirement for maintenance.
  • Automatic Balancing: The footrest of the bike is located at such a place which automatically balances it. Therefore, we won’t be under the constant worry that our child might fall from it.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Delicate Wheels: With the delicate wheels it is having in the setup, you have to be careful while your kid is riding on it. These wheels might get deformed in case we ride the bike on uneven terrain.
  • Tight Handlebars: The handlebar of the balance bike is very much tight. This would make it difficult for us to take turns on it.

7. Homitt Kids Balance Bike

Homitt Kids Balance Bike

Available at a low price, the Homitt Kids Balance Bike is a perfect choice for those parents who are a bit short on their budget. It is made with durable qualities materials ensuring the sufficient functioning of the appliance with us. Here are some of its best features.

Age Group: 1.5 Years to 5 Years


Although the bike is available at a low cost, the manufacturer has used light in weight materials for manufacturing it. Due to this, its structure becomes rigid, light in weight as well as capable to sustain enough amount of load. Hence, we will be using the product for a better duration of time.


The design of the balance bike is extremely elegant. Assembling it at our place wouldn’t trouble for us. Furthermore, it is extremely portable making it an ease to take it away with us from a place to another. As it is having a safe operation, your kid will be able to use it comfortably.


With its ergonomic design, riding the balance bike will be simple than ever. It is having an eye-catching design along with a green color. Therefore, your kid will fall in love with it the day he will start riding it. And when he grows up, you can easily adjust the handlebars and seat according to his height.

Things we like about it!

  • Safe Operation: Using the balance bike is features a safe procedure. Apart from that, it is very much comfortable in operation, making it simple for your lad to ride it.
  • Attractive Design: The design of this balance bike is extremely attractive, this will make us fall in love with it while we are using it.
  • Warranty: We are getting a warranty for a year on the various parts and components in its setup. Moreover, the manufacturer is also providing us with a money back guarantee.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Tough Instructions: The instructions available while we buy this bike are kind of confusing. Therefore, you have to understand it completely before you begin with its operating.

8. TheCroco – LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike

TheCroco - LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike

Made according to the better balancing and coordination considerations, TheCroco is the LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike weighing just 4.3 pounds. As a result, carrying it, transporting it as well as riding it will be an ease. Here are some of the extravagant qualities your ward will avail when riding it.

Age Group: 18 Months to 60 Months


It is a suitable product for smaller kids. Having it, will not only develop the riding skills in them but also provide them with a sufficient amount of exercise. There is a comfortable padded seat in the setup of the balance bike. This will assure that your kid will get peace while riding it.


The working mechanism of this bicycle is extremely simple. You wouldn’t need to spend your precious time. Assembling it will just require your few minutes and minimal efforts. Once the setup is done, you don’t need to look after anything.


There aren’t any complex components in the setup of the appliance. Hence, your child wouldn’t get confused when you will gift it to him. The plastic components prevent the injuries your ward might get while falling from it. However, you will be careful that the structure doesn’t get deformed in case something heavy falls on the bike.

Things we like about it!

  • Extremely Light in Weight: The structures of the bike is ultralight. Hence, the ride will be under your child’s control.
  • Simple Adjustments: Making the adjustments in the height as well as handles of the bike are very much simple. Hence, your growing child will be using it till long.
  • Quick Assembly: Assembling the balance bike wouldn’t consume much of our time. We can easily accomplish the assembly in just a few minutes.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Bit Expensive: The cost of the appliance is a bit higher. Due to this, you will require spending more so as to get it for your child.
  • Plastic Components: Some of the components of the balance bike is made up of plastic. Therefore, there are some questions about its durability.

9. Strider – 12 Classic Balance Bike

Strider - 12 Classic Balance Bike

The Strider – 12 is a Classic and compatible model of a Balance Bike. It is offering us with many unique features which will make it stand out among those plenty balance bikes. Here are some of the best parts and facilities one can avail having it at their place.

Age Group: 18 Months to 5 Years


The structure of the bike is designed in such a way that adjusting it in between 12 to 18 inches as per your child’s physique is very much simple. Hence, you wouldn’t need to get worried about getting another bike when your child grows up. It is having a durable steel frame which will make it sustain the load which might act on it while riding.


Adjusting the setup of the balance bike according to your kid’s body size is much simple. With the kind of components and parts, it is having in the setup, riding the bike will be extremely comfortable for them. It is having a handlebar as well as the smooth seat in the setup, making your loved one to ride the bicycle.


Even the weight of the balance bike is quite light which will make its handling very much simple. There are all the necessary accessories in its setup which will prevent the necessity of more efforts in order to ride it. In this manner, it will last with your kid for a longer duration of time.

Things we like about it!

  • Safe Riding: Riding it will be extremely safe. It is having an easy to use the procedure which will make using it safely.
  • Tough Construction: The construction of the bicycle is much rigid. Hence, even though your child is naughty, he wouldn’t be harming it in any way.
  • Better Grips: Featuring good quality grips in the structure, your kids will be having a better control on the bicycle.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Expensive: The cost of the balance bike is double than the other balance bikes. Thus, we will require spending more in order to get it.
  • Wheels: The wheels of the cycle doesn’t move freely. As a result, this might result in an obstacle while your kid is riding.

10. Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

A product specially made for grown-up kids, the Chicco 1716000070 is a Red Bullet Balance Training Bike made for kids who are heavy in weight. Available at an effective cost, this balance bike is offering us with all the necessary features. Due to this, the child will be getting a comfortable application. Here are some of the key features of owning it:\

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Age Group: 3 to 4 Years


If your kid is above the age of 3, then this is the perfect gift for him. It is a kind of product, that is having many components in the setup. These components include soft tires, easy to adjust frame, a cosy seat, a convenient handlebar and a lot more.


Setup of the balance bike constitutes soft tires. This reduces the bike’s weight to a greater extent. However, you have to be careful while giving it to your child. There is a possibility of choking hazard. Therefore, if your kid is too small i.e. below the age limit of 3 years, you shall prevent gifting this balance bike to him.


There aren’t any complex mechanisms involved while making the bike. It is having a simple application procedure where the kid will push the bike and it will move forward. That’s it! Moreover, if your kid grows up, you can easily adjust the seat and the handlebar.

Things we like about it!

  • Helps in Gaining Balance: While riding it, this balance bike teaches the kids riding as well as balancing skills. This will develop his physical abilities and power to ride.
  • Ergonomic Design: With the ergonomic design this balance bike is having, your loved one will find the maximum level of convenience while riding it.
  • Adjustable Frame: Setup of this unit incorporates an adjustable frame. This makes it simpler to adjust the bike’s structure according to the child’s physique.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Short Age Range: The age range of the bike is just for the kids of 3 to 4 years. Hence, you will require replacing it after your kids grow up.
  • Requires Lubrication: You will require to frequently lubricate the balance bike. Otherwise, your kid might face the issue of jamming of a few components.

What is Balance Bike?

Making it easy for a kid or a toddler to learn the biking skills, the Balance Bike is an equipment which is the perfect gift as the first vehicle for your loved one. Available in a structure made up of either Metal or Wood, there are varieties prevailing among them depending on its design as well as age group. Hence, while buying it there will be a lot of options available with the consumer.

However, it is necessary to check out the requirements, safety parameters, material and construction, and other such features while purchasing it. In the below-given section, here are some essential checkouts to be made when searching for the Best balance bike for your kid.

How to choose a Balance Bike for your toddler?

While buying a bike, we need to check out a few essential parts, components and features of it. With the proper consideration, we will be able to get a convenient bike that will make your kid’s ride, extremely comfortable with it. Here are some of the important points which you shall check on a balance bike. Here is a glimpse of a few considerations while choosing a balance bike.


The size of the bike directly impacts on the bike’s choice. We must get the bike, whose size is suitable for your kid’s physique. Getting a larger bike will make it uncomfortable for him to ride on it. Furthermore, the kid’s height grows at a rapid rate. Hence, if you wish that your kid use the bike for a long time, then you must get a bike whose height you can easily adjust.

Age Group

Most of the manufacturers prepare the balance bike for kids of a specific age group. We must check out the same while buying it. Otherwise, if not checked properly, it might result in you getting a bike which doesn’t fit your child.


Even the design of the bike should be elegant as well as attractive. Children usually love to get a colorful product. Therefore, we must get them a balance bike which is having an ergonomic design. Apart from that, we shall also make it sure that the rider is getting easiness in learning the bike.


We shall prevent ourselves from getting a heavy bike. A Heavy bike is difficult to control for a small kid. Apart from that, it would make it difficult for him to ride on it. It might also cause an injury if your kid falls off the bike. Therefore, we must always try to get a lightweight balance bike for the kid.


While buying a bike, it is necessary for us to check its tires properly. Right starting from the tread of the tire, we shall check it’s made, grips it is having on the ground surface area and its durability. This will not only assure their durability but also it will make the ride smooth.


Although your kid would require braking very less. It is necessary to have and check the brakes in order to make him learn the riding skills properly. We must make it sure that the brakes aren’t much firm. Otherwise, it might cause your kid to fall on the ground. Moreover, the brakes shouldn’t be much loose. It could result in the collision.

Foot Rests

The footrests is an essential component if your child often likes to take rests during the ride! Additionally, they will also help him to give a pose for some awesome clicks.


The material of the balance bike also influences its performance. We shall always try getting a bike that is made up of good quality material. This will make it last for a longer duration of time. We must get a bike which is made up of light weighing material.


The safety while riding the bike is perhaps an essential consideration which you must keep in mind. The safety features include the balancing aspects, components, and other essential checks. All these considerations will make it

Turning Limiters

Remember that fall down you had on your bike while taking a turn? Save your kid from such form of accidents with the use of Turning limiters. It will limit the turning of the handlebar and as a result, your kid will stay protected from such drastic falls and injuries due to them.


The bearings are an important component which ensures that the ride on the bike is comfortable. Due to this, we have to check out the bearings and their quality. In this manner, we can let the bike function properly on all the grounds.


In order to ride the bike with full efficiency, we shall be having good control over it. The perfect handgrip is a good solution for the same. Your kid’s hands are soft, so we must get the handgrip which is comfy to grab in hand. This will make it easier for them to ride the balance bike in the way they want.


The balance bike is equipment which you will get for your child. Therefore, while writing the article on Best balance bike reviews, we have kept the safety of the child forefront. Hence, you don’t need to get worried while your kid is learning his first riding skills on it. However, it is necessary to check out a few factors which might make an impact on the choice of your bike.

There are a few essential considerations one needs checking out while getting this bike. We have given a brief introduction to all these considerations that might make an impact on our purchase of the bike. Even while reviewing these bikes, we have made it utmost sure that the products fit best with the considerations.

We hope that the compilation will make it easier for you to get a balance bike for your children. For reading more such kind of articles and getting information about bikes, keep following our articles on Noomadbike.