Mountain Bike Accessories: An Introduction to various MTB Accessories

MTB Accessories


The concept of accessories is for increasing the functionality of any equipment. Our today’s post on Mountain Bike Accessories in which we are going to explain about some special equipment which we can use to get something more while riding the mountain bike. With the help of these accessories, we will be getting a pleasant experience of our ride. However, before getting these accessories, it is necessary to know about them in a proper way. This article will prove as a massive guideline for those who are planning for an effective mountain ride.

Mountain Bike Accessories – Various gear you shall know about

Below given is the list of top Mountain Bike Accessories which you shall know about. A proper knowledge of all these objects will make it easier for a person to know about the bike and the riding procedure in a better way. Have a glimpse of the features and functions of these accessories in brief. This will give you a proper understanding of each of them in brief.

#1. Mountain Bike Pedals

Well, we all are familiar with the application purpose of using the pedals. With the help of pedals, we can move our bike on the path. And when it comes to riding the mountain bike, it is utmost necessary that the pedals are of a good quality. Riding a mountain bike consists of a very tough execution. Therefore, the bike pedals shall be made up of tough material.

With better materials characteristics, we can make sure that the pedal functions in an appropriate manner. The pedal shouldn’t break with the sudden impact of the load. Otherwise, it might cause you a trouble while you are climbing or getting down from the mountain. Whereas, with the better quality products, your ride on the bike will be more comfortable.

#2. Mountain Bike Tires

We have to ride our Mountain Bike on uneven terrain. The tires of our bike will be facing more load and burden during all such course. Due to this, we shall be careful while choosing the tires of our bike. Having tubeless tires is preferable. The main reason for it is that the tubeless tires let the rider ride the bike peacefully.

In case of a puncture, the air wouldn’t come out of the tire at a quicker pace. Hence, maintaining the level of air in the tire for a long time period. For checking the quality of tire, at first, we have to begin with the testing of material. It shall be made up of good quality rubber elements.

#3. Mountain Bike Helmet

It is also necessary for us to take care of our safety. While we are riding on the mountain bike, the path consists of various ups and downs. There is a possibility, that the path on which we are riding the bike makes the bike imbalance and we meet a fall. Under such kind of circumstances, we might face an injury. And the injuries on our head are life taking. Thus, we can’t ignore the importance of the Mountain Bike Helmet.

While getting the helmet, we have to make it sure that it is made up of high-grade elements. This assures that any sudden impact on it wouldn’t break the helmet. Furthermore, we also have to make it sure that there aren’t any sharp edges or corners in the helmet. Otherwise, it might cause an injury on our face.

#4. Mountain Bike Shoes

Your ride on the mountain bike is incomplete without the proper quality of shoes. You have to choose the kind of shoes which will offer you with the maximum level of comfort while riding the bike. While choosing the shoes, you have to make sure that it is having a better control of the mountain bike pedals. If your shoes are slipping off the pedals while you are pedaling them, it might cause an injury to your legs.

Also, it would make troublesome for you to ride the bike. Next, comes the time to check the made and quality of the shoes. It should be having a soft material which would maintain the comfort the rider is getting while wearing them.

#5. Mountain Bike Seat

The mountain bike seat shall necessarily be soft in nature. Who will love taking a position on a hard seat? It will surely worsen the experience of the ride. Therefore, while choosing the bike seat, you have to make it sure that it is having the necessary amount of fillings so as to make it soft.

Also, we have to make it sure that it is easier for the rider to adjust the height level of the bike. For serving the purpose, there should be a sufficient amount of rod available with the seat. This shall make it easier for the rider to adjust the level of height of the bike as per his own convenience. In this way, he shall be able to get a comfortable ride on the bike.

# 6. Mountain Bike Gloves

Even getting the better type of gloves is also pretty much necessary. While riding the bike, the formation of sweat starts developing in the hands of the rider. As a result, the hands of the rider might slip off from the grips of the handle. This could result in a devastating accident. But, if the rider is having gloves on the hands, then it could help us to prevent such kind of accidents.

While getting the Mountain Bike Gloves, it is necessary for us to check their made and quality. It begins with the checking of the material of the gloves. The material should be of a soft nature. It should not impose markings on the skin of the rider. Also, it shall absorb the sweat developing on the hands of the rider.

#7. Mountain Bike Grips

The grip is that portion of the mountain bike, which the rider will hold while riding the bike. It shall be comfortable for the rider to take the grips in hand. There shall be passages on the grip which will prevent the slipping off our hands while taking a hold of it. Furthermore, the material from which the grip is made should be soft in nature.

Also, it should be taken care that the passages on the grip aren’t much tough. Or else, it will cause itching and markings on our hands. Also, the grips shall not be loose on the handle, it will help us to keep the bike in a proper balance.

#8. Mountain Bike Saddle

The saddle of the mountain bike is the component, that will provide the necessary amount of support to the structure of the bike. With such an essential feature, it is necessary for us to follow essential considerations while choosing the saddle of our bike. The prime consideration is that the saddle should be made up of high-grade elements. This prevents its failure.

Besides that, it should be having an elegant design, which should seem attractive to the customers. We also have to check the made and quality of this saddle. It will be taking up a lot of load on it. Hence, it should be capable enough to don’t fail under so much force exerted on it.

#9. Knee Pin

It is also necessary for us to ensure the safety of the rider who is riding the bike. Our body organs are exposed to many dangers while we are riding the bike. Same is the situation of our knees. If our bicycle loses the balance and we have a fall, then the first organ to come in the contact of the land is our knees. Due to this, it is necessary for us to provide a proper covering on the knees.

A Knee Pin is one such equipment which we can use for the purpose of protecting our knees. It provides cover to our knees. Due to this, when we fall on the ground, instead of our knees, this pin comes into the contact of the ground.

#10. Elbow Pads

Even our Elbows are exposed to danger while we are riding on a Mountain Bike. Here arises the need of providing the sufficient amount of safety to the Elbows. The Elbow pad is the equipment with the help of which we can easily escape ourselves from an injury. Basically, it is an equipment having a circular profile. We have to fix it on our elbow with the help of a belt.

Now, you can begin with the ride of your bike. In case if you lose the balance of your bike and meet a fall. These elbow pads will protect you from the possibility of any kind of injury. Generally, these elbow pads are made up of durable plastic. We can also make them from rubber and other relevant materials.

#11. Protective Glasses

When you are riding across the mountain, you might notice any kind of natural wastes floating in the air. If such waste gets into your eyes, it might cause a lot of trouble in your ride. Thus, it becomes utmost essential for you to protect your eyes from the ill-effects of such impurities. A protective glass is one such appliance which we can use for serving the same purpose.

Putting the protective glasses on, you can reduce the possibilities of the injuries happening around. In this way, you can protect your eyes from all kind of ill effects such as flying impurities, sharp stones, sticks and a lot more. Due to this, we must make it sure to give protection to our eyes with the help of protective glasses.

#12. Mountain Bike Lights

The mountain bike lights is another equipment, that is utmost necessary for having with our mountain bike. While we are riding the bike, many a time it might happen that we might not be getting sufficient amount of lights. But, when you are having lights on the mountain bike, it will solve our this issue. These lights will provide us with the sufficient amount of lighting while riding.

In this manner, we can get rid of the accidents that might occur because of insufficient lighting. This makes the trekking on the mountains possible even under less light conditions. Therefore, the rider must make it sure that his bike is having lights on it.

#13. Mountain Bike Stand

We all are familiar with the importance of a mountain bike stand. With the help of the stand, we can keep our bike in a proper position when not in use. In this way, it makes it easier for us to control our bike. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the bike might get a fall and affect its various parts and components. Hence, for the proper upkeep of our bike, it is necessary for it to have a stand.

Coming to the material of the shaft, it should be made up of high-grade elements. It should be able to take up the load i.e. the weight of the bicycle exerted on it. If the stand is made up of low weight materials, then it is possible that it might break because of the continuous weight that we put on it.

At Last

There are plenty of accessories available when it comes to riding a Mountain Bike. Hereby, in our recent article on, An Introduction to various Mountain Bike Accessories we have explained about the various accessories that we might get with our mountain bike. Using these accessories, our ride on the mountain bike will become more pleasant. Therefore, having an in-depth knowledge of each of them is utmost essential.

We hope that our present compilation of Mountain Bike Accessories will provide you with the best kind of information regarding the MTBs and their accessories. For reading more such kind of information, you can continue reading our articles exclusively on Noomadbike.