Best Road Bike Reviews of 2020 – Everything You Need to Know


A Road bike is an important tool for the person who often requires commuting from one place to another. Because of it’s such kind of characteristics, these bikes are extremely popular among the people for in city transportation. Here is our comprehensive guide to Best Road Bike Reviews for the people who are looking for a good bicycle.

While reviewing these products, we have taken the utmost care of the buyer’s persona. Being a cyclist, we are familiar with the considerations, one has in mind while buying bicycles. Hence, we have noted down all the features accordingly.

We have divided these products into different categories. It will simplify the bike selection procedure for you. Kindly have a look at the review of all these products and get the best one for yourself.

At a Glance: Our top picks for Best Road Bike

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure BikeOffering us with a comfortable operation, the Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike is available in 5 different sizes as per our body’s physique. With the professional capabilities, it is having, riding this bike will provide you with a better level of comfort.

Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road BikeHaving upgraded features and 6 size options available, the Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike is a perfect option for the people who wish for a durable product. With the high-quality accessories it constitutes in the setup, we will be getting a lot of power so as to ride our bike.

North Gear 901 21 Speed Road or Racing BikeAvailable at a low cost, the North Gear 901 21 Speed Road / Racing Bike is having a structure done with better materials. Such structure makes it suitable for commuting easily. Apart from that, with all the necessary components it is having in the setup, it takes care of the rider in a better way.

Best Road Bike Reviews – According to their Type

For the simplification of the bicycle selection procedure, we have divided the road bikes into three different categories. It includes beginner road bike, endurance road bike as well as performance road bikes. This will make it an ease to judge and compare the features of all the 10 products.

Best Beginner Road Bike – Entry Level Road Bike

The Entry Level Road Bike or a Beginner road bike is an appliance for the people who are yet at the beginner’s level of their riding. Such bikes are having special provisions for the new energetic riders. Therefore, it will take care of the riders in a better way.

Editor's Picks
Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure BikeBest Beginner Bike
Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road BikeBest Endurance Road Bike
North Gear 901 21 Speed Road / Racing BikeBest Performance Bike
Diamondback Arden 5 Carbon Complete BikePremium Endurance Bike
Generic 700c Men’s Kent RoadTech Road BikeBudget Buy Road Bike

1. Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

Suitable for people with a good height, the Tommaso Sentiero Shimano is a Claris Gravel Adventure Bike which is available in 5 different height options for people in between 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 5 inches. Here are some of the features of having this bike with us.

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike


The setup of this road bike features an elegant and tough structure. With the use of high-grade elements such as aluminum as well as steel, we will be able to use it on multiple paths very easily. It is having higher capabilities of sustaining much load. This makes it suitable for heavy duty applications.


There are plenty of components along with it. Such as compact handlebars for better controlling, better rims for a stronger tire system. Moreover, the gearing system for this road bike is also much excellent. This will provide us with a maximum level of comfort while shifting the gears.


Riding this bicycle wouldn’t be trouble. It is having a variety of accessories so as to add comfort. You just have to take the help of a professional for assembling it at your place. After that, you will just require to take a seat and move on towards your destination. Irrespective of the weather or terrain, it rides well everywhere.

Things we like about it!

  • Lifetime Warranty: The various parts and components within the setup of this unit will provide us with a sigh of relief while we are using this road bike.
  • Ride on any terrain: With the multi-terrain capability, we will be able to take it away with us on any kind of path we want.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Demands Maintenance: The bicycle is demanding a lot of maintenance. You have to frequently take it for repairs and adjustments in the structures.

2. Poseidon ‘TRITON’ Road Bike

Featuring a lightweight structure, the Poseidon ‘TRITON’ Road Bike is having a lot to offer us with. With the construction done from good quality materials, the manufacturer has aimed at making the product highly durable. This would take care of the cyclist’s convenience while cycling on it.

Poseidon 'TRITON' Road Bike


The structure of this road bike is extremely light in weight. Right beginning from the carbon fiber made frame, it is also having a carbon fork. This fork acts as a damper in the system as it absorbs the unnecessary vibrations generating in the bicycle’s system.


Perhaps, the best part we will consider owning this road bike is its excellent gearing system. With such a system, deciding the suitable gears will become ease for us. Setup of the road bike also incorporates good quality shifters. Due to this, we would just require twisting our hands for changing gears.


In order to ride the bike properly, you have to assemble it in an appropriate manner. Once the assembly is done, you can proceed with your traveling. You don’t need to get worried while stopping. The high-quality brake calipers will always be there for your rescue.

Things we like about it!

  • Light Weight: The structure of this road bike is very much light in weight. Hence, controlling its various options wouldn’t be troublesome for us.
  • 6-Size Options: With 6 different size options available, selecting the one suitable for ours will be extremely simple.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Professional Assembly: You would require to get it professionally assembled. If you don’t do that, you are not eligible for the lifetime warranty.

3. Mercier Top Rated Aluminum Road Bike

Offering us with a larger height range, from in between 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 3 inches, the Mercier Top Rated Aluminum Road Bike is a good option available for us. With its excellent capabilities, here are some of the deliverables we get with it:

Mercier Top Rated Aluminum Road Bike


The structure of this road bike is extremely beautiful. It is having an elegant design that will please the heart of the rider who is riding on it. With the aluminum frames in the setup, the manufacturer has provided a lot of strength to the structure. This makes it a suitable pick for heavy duty application.


With the comfort saddle, there will be fewer vibrations in the system. Additionally, with the brake caliper brakes in the setup, stopping it will become extremely simple. Furthermore, with the Shimano shifters, changing the gears will be an ease. Even the rim wheels are made up of high-grade aluminum which will increase their life.


This road bike is having an elegant and ergonomic design. With such design features, it takes care of the rider’s comfort while moving on it. Furthermore, with some additional accessories, you can also use it for sports level endurance road bike.

Things we like about it!

  • Cost Efficient: The cost of this cycle is comparatively much less. You will require spending much less in order to get it to your place.
  • Durable: The construction of the bicycle is extremely durable. We will be able to use it for a longer duration of time.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Noisy Operation: While we are using the road bike, it makes some weird noises. This will make it a lot annoying for us to ride it.

Best Endurance Road Bike

The Endurance Road bike is one of its kind which is suitable for tough execution. Having a rigid structure, we riding endurance road bikes will give a unique pleasure. Hence, if you are the one who is looking for an adventurous ride, endurance bike is one for you.

4. Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

Available in 6 different sizes to choose from, the Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 is an Endurance Road Bike offering us with 16 gear combinations and 8 shifters to decide the gears. Here are some other best parts about owning this road bike at our place:

Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike


With the lightweight structure, controlling the operations and ride will be very much simple. The manufacturer has employed the use of good quality materials which will make it function without any kind of issues.


It is having 8 shifters and 16 gear combinations. Hence, we can easily decide and set the gear at their appropriate level. This will make it ride easily at the speed at which we wish for. Moreover, with the actuated disc brakes, stopping the road bike as and when we wish will be possible.


There are good quality tires in the setup of this bike. These tires are of a durable nature and have a firm grip on the ground. This will offer us a consistent and stable ride. And if anything goes wrong, you are always having a lifetime warranty for your rescue.

Things we like about it!

  • Fenders: With the fenders on the bicycle, it will prevent the water from coming towards us. This will help us in staying clean for a longer time.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We are getting a lifetime warranty on the various parts and components. However, this warranty period is only for the first owner of the bicycle.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Expensive: When comparing it with the other endurance road bikes, the cost of this bicycle is much higher. You would require spending much more to have it with yourself.

5. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Having better constructional features, the Tommaso Imola is an Endurance Aluminum Road Bike with excellent characteristics. The customer, as well as service support of Tommaso, is much better, which will keep yourself updated and upgraded whenever you wish!

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike


The frame of the road bike is built from a high-grade aluminum material. This provides it with sufficient amount of strength and resilience making it highly capable of carrying out tough executions. With such kind of structure, we will be getting a stable and consistent performance of the road bike with us.


Within the setup of this unit, there are highly durable parts and components. Such kind of components indicates the reliability of the Tommaso brand. It is having integrated shifters for changing the gears. Apart from that, there are also brake levers for an efficient braking system.


The manufacturer assures that we will get a comfortable ride on it. It is having excellent turning and shifting system. Moreover, controlling the handlebar of the appliance is also ease. It is having only Shimano components in the setup, which signifies the quality they are facilitating us with.

Things we like about it!

  • Comfortable Riding Features: We are getting excellent riding features with this bike. Therefore, it will take care of the rider while he is riding it.
  • No Extra Expense: This bicycle demands less maintenance from us. You wouldn’t require spending more often once you get it with yourself.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Fewer Deliverables: Considering the price we are paying for it, it is offering us with fewer features. Hence, you might feel you are spending more bucks for it.

6. Diamondback Arden 5 Carbon Complete Bike

Offering us with a wide range of features, the Diamondback Arden 5 is a Carbon Complete Bike with greater versatilities. It is having an elegant design that will make people stare at you while you are riding on it. Here are some of the main features of having it with yourself.

Diamondback Arden 5 Carbon Complete Bike


With the full proof tires in the setup, the bicycle shines when light falls on it. Hence, while you are riding down the lane, you will gain a lot of attention from the people.


Having attractive accessories in the setup, we will be getting a comfortable ride on it. Whether it is easy to adjust handlebar or a convenient chain and gearing system. It will be offering us with easy to use operations and simple controls on all grounds.


Although the bike demands professional assembly, you don’t have to panic much for it. It comes 85% assembled out of the box, so the expert would just take a half hour in order to assemble it. After that, the road bike is ready for a comfortable ride.

Things we like about it!

  • In Shop Assembly: In order to assemble the unit of this road bike, you have to assemble it in the store. This would make you spend some more amount on it.
  • Diverse Height Range: We will be getting a diverse height range when owning this road bike. It allows a person having a height in between 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches to easily ride on it.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Very Expensive: The cost of this road bike is almost four times than that of the other road bikes. You will have to spend much more so as to get it.

7. Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

With the use of better manufacturing elements, the Tommaso Monza is an Endurance Aluminum Road Bike having exceptional features to offer us with. Here is a glance at some of the key benefits we can gain having it with ourselves:

Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike


The structure of this road bike is extremely elegant with the use of better quality materials. It provides it with a sufficient amount of strength. Apart from that, we are also getting a lifetime warranty on the various parts and components in its setup. This will reduce the worries in our mind about getting the things done if something went wrong on the bike.


It is having Tiagra cassettes as well as grouping set in the setup. With these components, deciding our own gear level and speed of the bike will be very much simple. Furthermore, with the precision gear shifting, we will find ease in changing the gears.


While you are riding down on the road bike, it takes care of your convenience and comfort every time. Once, the assembly of the bicycle is done, you can take it easy with yourself on any kind of terrain, in any kind of weather you wish to.

Things we like about it!

  • Powerful Operation: While operating the bicycle, we will be getting a sufficient amount of power. This will deliver us with an enormous amount of power.
  • Precision Gear Shifting: Shifting the gears of the road bike shall be extremely simple for us. It is having a precision gear shifting system which makes everything ease for us in this regards.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Requires Accessories: If you wish to add an extra layer of comfort to your ride, we would recommend you to get some additional accessories to the road bike.

Best Performance Road Bike

For riding till a longer distance, we require bikes having a lot of strength. The performance road bike is one such appliance that makes it a lot simpler for the users on a longer path. Hence, if you love cycling to distant places, this is the one you must opt for.

8. North Gear 901 21 Speed Road / Racing Bike

Extremely cost efficient, the North Gear 901 21 Speed Road / Racing Bike offers us with all the necessary features one generally looks for in a performance road bike. Below enlisted are some of the top features of having it at our place.

North Gear 901 21 Speed Road or Racing Bike


The frame of this bike is made up of alloy material. Apart from that, the fork is constructed of high-quality steel. The use of such materials indicates the strength the structure is carrying in it.


Coming to the components of the road bike, it is offering us with Shimano 21-Speed Gear Shifters. These shifters ease our burden of changing the gears. Furthermore, it is also having a drivetrain along with a pair of derailleurs for serving the same purpose.


As the manufacturer depicts, it is a bike for use on the open road. You can move freely down the lane while using this performance road bike. It is having simple to use controls and attractive accessories and components in the setup. Thus, there wouldn’t be any kind of ambiguity in your mind while riding it.

Things we like about it!

  • Derailleurs: With a pair of derailleurs in the setup, shifting the gears and having a control on the gear system will be much simpler for us.
  • High-Quality Fork: There is a high-quality fork in the system of this road bike. It acts as a damper and absorbs the vibrations generating while riding the bicycle.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Heavy: The weight of this road bike is much heavier. This would make it difficult for some riders to control the bicycle while you are riding on it.

9. Access Yadkin Road Bike

With lots of exciting accessories for offering us with, the Access Yadkin Road Bike is a unique kind of product we can get for us. It is having diverse components, which makes it a suitable pick. Below given is a glimpse of its features:

Access Yadkin Road Bike


Perhaps, carbon is the material used in abundance so as to create this performance road bike. Due to this, there wouldn’t be any kind of worries about corrosion, less strength or breaking of the components.


Within the list of components of this road bike, we will be getting a threaded bottom bracket along with the tapered headtube. Using such components, we will be gaining better control on our ride. Apart from that, there is also a Shimano Drivetrain in the setup, which will make it extremely simple for the users to change the gears.


Using the bicycle will be extremely simple. With the ergonomic and simple design it is having, we will never get a feeling of discomfort. You will surely love riding on it!

Things we like about it!

  • Alloy Wheels: With the alloy wheels in the setup of the road bike, we will be getting a durable performance from them. This will let them function for a longer time period.
  • Carbon Fork: The carbon made a fork of this bicycle acts as a damper of the system. It will absorb all the unnecessary vibrations and provide the rider with a comfortable ride on all grounds.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Expensive: It is an expensive model of a performance road bike. We will be spending much amount of money to get it at our place.

10. Generic 700c Men’s Kent RoadTech Road Bike

Offering us to choose in between 21 different levels of speed, the Generic 700c Men’s Kent is a RoadTech Road Bike having many unique qualities. Here are some of the main factors that you must take note of while having this appliance at your place:

Generic 700c Men's Kent RoadTech Road Bike


This is a suitable bike for taking with ourselves on long rides. However, we should take care of not to overload it. It can take up weight to 250 pounds only. But, it will be enough for people who are light in weight. Moreover, we will also get better quality tires having a firm grip on the ground.


The components within the setup of this road bike include Shimano Derailleurs and Revo Shifters. With the use of all such accessories, handling the gears and controlling the bicycle’s speed will be very much simple. It is also having alloy brake levers for efficiently stopping the bike.


Using this road bike will be very much simple for you. It is having a comfy Vitesse racing seat in the setup. We just have to take our place on the seat and start riding it. It is a kind of a product, that will offer you a full return of the money you’ll invest!

Things we like about it!

  • Affordable Cost: The cost of this road bike is very much affordable. You will get it almost half the prize of the normal road bikes.
  • Better Pedals: There are better pedals within the setup of this road bike. These standard quality pedals wouldn’t break under the sudden impact of the load.

Things we don’t like about it!

  • Weight Limit: The weight limit of this road bike is around 250 pounds. It cannot carry anything heavier than that. Hence, this point shall be taken care of.
  • Low-Grade Gears: The gears within the setup are of low grades. Therefore, you shall avoid taking your bike at higher

Essential Road Bike Accessories – 25 Accessories Every Biker Must Have

The accessories are there to make using the appliance more convenient. With the same motive, here we have made a compilation of 25 Essential Road Bike accessories. A brief knowledge of all these accessories will be fruitful for all those fellow riders who are looking for a peaceful ride on the road bike.

Comfy Seat

In order to assure the comfortability of the rider while riding the bike, it should be having a soft seat. A hard seat makes it difficult for the riders to sit peacefully. Therefore, when buying a seat, you should check whether the sufficient amount of fillings are there in the seat or not.


We shall also provide good protection for our eyes. They are exposed to a lot many impurities in the air. If such impurities enter our eyes while we are riding, then it would make it difficult for us to cycle down the lane. Under such kind of circumstances, wearing goggles can prevent these impurities from entering our eyes. Hence, facilitating us with a peaceful ride.

Handlebar Grips

For having a proper control on the bicycle, we shall be able to control it properly. The handlebar grip is one such accessory, that will help us in firmly holding the handlebar. However, while choosing these grips, we have to notice the difference these grips make while holding, their material and design. We shall avoid having grips with pointed edges.

Road Bike Helmet

Providing safety to our head is also necessary. Often there are deaths because of fatal injuries on the head during accidents. A road bike helmet acts as a protective medium for our head. Thus, if we fall from our bike while riding, this helmet will protect us from the injuries and we will stay safe.

Knee Pads

Our other body part exposed to more danger is our knees. With the use of knee pads, we will be giving proper protection to our knees. Therefore, if we have a fall while riding the bicycle, it will come in between our knee and ground surface area. As a result, we will be safe from the injuries.


When riding on the path with water or mud, such impurities coming towards our us is a big issue. Under such kind of circumstances, if we are having fenders installed on our bicycle, we will keep our clothes safe from such impurities. The fenders generally raise up as an obstacle to such impurities for our protection.

Road Bike Saddle

In order to assure the maximum level of comfort of the rider while riding, it is necessary to have a better road bike saddle. The saddle absorbs the unnecessary vibrations generating into the system. It acts as a damper and prevents any problems or discomfort while riding.

Rear Rack

We can make use of a rear rack for the storage aspects of our road bike. On the rear rack, we can store our backpack and other large objects. This will make it easier for us to transfer goods from one place to another.


The basket is among the useful road bike accessories that would help us in keeping our goods in a proper way. Generally, we fix the basket on the handlebar in the front portion of our cycle. It will be helpful for us while we are returning from shopping.

Handlebar Bag

The handlebar bag is having an extremely compact design so as to handle the small goods. We have to roll it up on the bicycle handle. Hence, it would occupy little space and will take care of our small-sized goods in a better way.


Easy to carry on our back, the backpack will be helpful to us to carry plenty of goods with ease. When commuting to and fro from office, the backpack becomes a necessity. We can store our important items such as papers, Tiffin, water bottle and a lot more.

Smartphone Mount

When cycling, looking after our mobile phones seem to be a difficult task. We can miss some of our important calls and messages because of this. In such circumstances, placing your smartphone on the smartphone mount can provide solutions to all of your worries.

Water Bottle

While riding the bicycle, we often get thirsty. If we are having a water bottle with us, then it will become very much simple for us to quench our thirst. Therefore, before you proceed with your ride, you must not forget to take your water bottle with you.

Water Bottle Holder

And if the task of handling the water bottle becomes difficult, then you shouldn’t resist yourself from buying this road bike accessory. It will make it a lot simpler to keep the water bottle in a proper position.

Safety Mirror

While riding on our bicycle, we often need to look on the path behind us. Although there are helmet mirrors available, their accuracy is a big question. Apart from that, it is also costly. Hence, having a safety mirror on the handlebar is perhaps the best medium for looking at our path.

Horn or Bell

We often require indicating our presence while riding on the bicycle. While riding in traffic, having a horn or bell is perhaps a good medium. This will help us in clearing our path and will also avoid the other vehicles from coming in our path.

Bike Navigation System

With the help of a bike navigation system, it becomes very much easier for us to determine our location. It will also be helpful for us to find the location where we wish to reach. In this manner, traveling towards unknown places becomes an extremely simple task.

LED Light

When riding in the night, having a sufficient amount of lighting is utmost important. Hence, if you are a rider who often requires traveling on the bicycle at night, then you must get the LED light. Fixing the light on the front of the bicycle, on the handlebar, this will make it very much simple for us to take a ride on our cycle in the night.


The panniers are among the exciting storage medium on a road bike. We can also take one such pannier along with us and store it on our rack. These panniers are helpful for us those people who wish to transfer a large number of goods from one place to another.

Spoke Light

When riding at night, the vehicles coming from our side might not notice ourselves. This might result in accidents because of darkness. A spoke light proves to be extremely beneficial under such circumstances. We can switch on these lights and it will indicate the passers-by about our presence on the road.

Tail Light

Even the vehicles coming from our backside shall also have information about our presence. If we are having a tail light among our road bike accessories, then it informs the vehicles coming from behind about our presence.

Road Bike Lock

When deciding the accessories for our safety while buying the road bike accessories. We shouldn’t forget about our bicycle’s safety. The road bike lock is an important accessory, with the help of which we can keep our bicycle in a proper position and safe from thefts.

Tool Kit

We often require carrying out maintenance of our road bike. With the help of a toolkit, we can carry out small repair works, tightening of various components and a lot more. We can easily store this toolkit in any storage medium listed above.

Road Bike Tires

The road bike tires are also an important road bike accessories we need checking out. With the use of proper tires, we will be having better control on our ride. While buying the road bike tires, we shall check the design, material, size as well as durability of the tires. This will let the tires function with us for a longer period of time.

Air Filling Pump

Filling air in the tires is a pre-requisite. Therefore, having an air filling pump is very much important for us. Using the air filling pump, we will always keep our road bike tires filled with air. As a result, the comfort level, while we are riding, will always be higher and safer for us.


When you get anything, you must try to have it for a long time. Considering the same thing in our mind, we have given a comprehensive article on best road bike reviews. While noting down the reviews of each of these products, we have taken utmost care about the popularity, features and their other such parameters. We are familiar with the emotions and requirements of a person from a product.

Therefore, we have taken a brief consideration of each and every aspect that might affect your choice of road bikes. Considering the main aspects of selection, we have also given a list of some popular road bike accessories. A brief knowledge of these accessories will help you to check the components in the bicycle. And if they are not available in the setup, then you get them from a third party vendor.

We hope that this comprehensive guide will be helpful to you so as to get the best road bike to your place. If you are keen to get some more information about the bikes, then Noomadbike is for sure one-stop solution for you. Keep reading and keep sharing our articles with your riding mates.