What Age Is Best for a Balance Bike? | Suggestions From Experts

When comparing with the tricycles, the balance bikes are a way ahead in teaching the riding as well as balancing skills to your loved one! However, there are confusions prevailing among the parents regarding What age is best for a Balance Bike? Hereby, we are going to discuss the same parameters that might influence your kid’s growth using a balance bike.


Best Age for Balanced bike

What Age Is Right for a Balance Bike? – Expert Recommendations

At present, there are various manufacturers offering the best balance bike from the age of 18 months. However, there are some parameters you need to check before you gift your child a balance bike. These are some parameters, you shall check before your kids start riding.

Walking Skills

Before you gift a balance bike to your kid, you shall make it sure that your kid is good at walking. We don’t recommend offering a bike to the kids who couldn’t walk properly. These bikes function when the kids push them. Therefore, having walking skills is a pre-requisite. Perhaps, this is the reason why 18 Months is considered as the best age for a balance bike. You shall teach your kid to walk first and then give him a bike.

Health of Child

Even the health of the kid majorly impacts on his riding skills. Your kid shall be strong enough so as to push the bike and move it forward. Riding a balance bike requires him to handle it. Therefore, the kid should have a sufficient amount of strength so that he is able to carry the bike and ride it in the way he wants. If the kid is not capable enough, then it will make it difficult for him to ride the bike.

Balancing Skills

Apart from the walking skills, the kid shall be having enough balancing skills. He should be having enough maturity to sense the danger that he might face if not following some safety rules. Hence, before he gains some balancing skills, you shall avoid giving him the bike for riding in public or on the path with some obstacles. Once, he gets enough amount of sense, he is safe to ride on such paths.


You shall also avoid giving the balance bike to kids who are naughty. Such kids might ride it hazardously and might injure themselves. When your loved one is riding on it, you must have an eye on them. Adult supervision is utmost necessary when the kid is learning to ride.

While writing down this article, we have taken recommendations from experts of kids and balance bikes. We hope that our piece on What age is best for a Balance Bike? will be helpful to you in deciding the perfect age when you shall gift a balance bike to your kid. For reading more such articles and getting valuable information, keep reading our articles on Noomadbike.