A Comparison Between Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

You might often get confused regarding the type of bike you should buy. A mountain bike and a road bike is one such confusion that might often raise your eyebrows. Here is a Comparison Between Mountain Bike vs Road Bike in which we will distinguish the features of each of this bicycle. Hence, it will be easier for you to decide the kind of bicycle you shall buy.

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike – Top Differences Explained

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

Here are some points that differ the mountain bike from the road bike. Go through them and decide, which will be the perfect pick for having with yourself and suitable to your requirement.

Mountain Bike
  1. The mountain bikes are those specially made for the using at uneven terrain. Many adventurous riders also use it for climbing the mountains.
  2. There are plenty of accessories within the setup of this bike. Such kind of accessories makes it suitable for taking with us on rough terrains as well as mountains.
  3. The cost of the mountain bike is comparatively much higher than that of the road bikes.
  4. When it comes to the weight, the mountain bikes are heavier. It is made up of heavy materials with high density so that they don’t deform its shape under the sudden impact of the load.
  5. Riding a mountain bike would require you to make a lot of efforts. Pedaling them is seemingly heavier.
  6. While riding on a normal road, the speed of the mountain bike lowers down.
  7. It is the perfect choice for the people who love riding unevenly.
Road Bike
  1. The road bikes are made for the purpose of inside commuting in the city. These bikes are suitable for riding on the roads without any type of obstacles.
  2. You don’t require many accessories in order to ride a road bike. This will reduce the hassle you have to take in order to ride it.
  3. When comparing it with the cost of mountain bikes, the cost of the road bike is very much lower.
  4. Generally, the road bike weighs very much less. The manufacturer generally uses aluminum, carbon alloy materials for constructing the frame which makes it’s structure very much light in weight.
  5. Riding a road bike requires you to make less efforts. It is very much smoother in operation which will make you ride with an ease.
  6. On a normal road, this bike travels at a higher speed.
  7. It is the perfect pick for the people who wish to use the bike in their day to day life.


Hope the complete description of the main differences in between these two bicycles will be helpful to you in making the right decision. Loved our compilation on, comparison of Mountain Bike vs Road Bike? Have a look at other articles Noomadbike has written absolutely for you.