How to Buy a Perfect Road Bike: Complete Road Bike Buying Guide

When buying any equipment, we have to take care of a lot of factors. These factors play a major role in our choice and decision. A road bike is one such equipment, which demands attention to look after some essential Best Road Bike Buying Guide tips. Here are our answers to the question, How to buy a Road bike for our such readers who are planning to buy a road bike.


With the help of these suggestions and properly considering them while purchasing a bike, you will get a bicycle which will provide you with the maximum level of comfort.

Road Bike Buying Guide

Road Bike Buying Guide: Your Clue to How to buy a Road Bike

Below enlisted are some of the necessary checkings you have to make in a bicycle before you buy it. Kindly have a look at them and decide, what do you need and what you not.


The size of the road bike majorly depends on the body physique of the person. Due to this, you have to check out the specifications of the bicycle prior to purchasing it. In some of the road bicycles, there is also a provision of adjusting the height of bicycle. Hence, you have to check whether such facility is available in our cycle or not.

The material of the Frame

The material of the frame also majorly impacts on the quality of the structure. We generally find frames made up of Carbon Steel, Steel, Aluminium, Fiber and a lot more. Thus, before buying we have to check the material of the frame and find which is the best one as per your application.

Type of Brakes

With different types of brakes available, you have to find the suitable one as per your use. You are having options of choosing in between disc brakes, V brakes, block brakes and a lot more. If you are traveling in between a lot of traffic, then you shall drop your choice on the disc brakes. Otherwise, buying a bicycle with simple brakes will also do in an area with less traffic.

Your Application

The way you use a bicycle is also a major deciding factor for a road cycle. If you are a mighty rider, then you must choose a bike with rigid features with more accessories. Whereas, if you are a normal rider, a one with less features or light structure might be a good option for you.

Structure of the Road Bike

If the bike is lighter in weight, then you will be having a better control over it. Moreover, the light weight also makes it easy to carry from one place to another. On the other hand, a heavier bike is a bit difficult to control, and carrying it from one place to another will be difficult.


We also require to checking the accessories and components within the setup. A list of accessories is already given in our another article. You can check out the list and find the suitable accessories for yourself.

Transmission System

The transmission system of the bicycle makes a major influence on our speed while riding it. You are having a variety of gears available to choose from. With the appropriate gear combination, you have to check out the materials of the gears. This will make the gears functions for a longer time duration.

Suspension System

With a proper suspension system, the rider will be having a better level of comfort while riding. It absorbs the vibrations generating within the system and make riding on the bicycle very much smoother. The unnecessary vibrations when riding the bicycle will increase the pain in your joints.


We shall check the wheelset of the bicycle properly prior to buying it. The wheelset makes the major influence on the balancing related aspects of the cycle. It includes the tires, rims, their material, quality as well as durability. Apart from that, we also require checking their assembly and proper operation.

Maintenance Requirement

Some road bikes demand frequent maintenance from our end. Whereas, some bicycles don’t require maintenance. Although, a major part of it depends on the way we ride the bike. It also depends on the quality and grade of the materials we used while building the components.

Cost of the Road Bike

The cost of the road bike is also a major factor. You might be having some budget ready for your bike. Finding the suitable bicycle within a budget with the desired amount of features shall become a difficult task.

Reliability and Durability

The bicycle which you are buying shall be offering you with a reliable operation. With the use of durable components within the setup of the road bike, you will make the bicycle function for a longer period of time. Therefore, we have to check the brand name, the quality of the components used, its operations and other such factors.

Wrapping Up

We hope that with the present road bike buying guide, you will be able to make a better choice of the appliance for yourself. In this guide, we have tried to cover all the doubts about How to buy a road bike. If you loved our comprehensive guide, then don’t resist yourself from sharing this with your fellow riders. Want to have some more information about bikes? Keep reading our articles on Noomadbike.