Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review | For Cardio & Endurance Training

God! I cannot afford a gym as well as ruin my precious schedule in order to lose some chunks. Additionally, waking up an hour before from my usual waking time to hit the gym is not an option. Also, my cozy apartment hardly has a proper any room to place even a treadmill. We know, many of us have faced the same problem. Despite the willingness of exercising, gymming or setting up a few fitness equipment in the cozy apartment is impossible. Hence, here we have a compact, in fact, Marcy foldable exercise bike which will be the best alternative to the gym.


About Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

indoor exercise bike

Marcy is a fitness equipment manufacturing company which had seen the daylight because of the experiences of visionary Walter Marcyan. Walter started working out at the age of 19 and bagged the AAU Light Heavyweight Lifting Champions title. Thereafter, Marcyan engaged himself in entertaining people with some balancing tricks and flaunting strength.

His journey led him to California in 1940 where the fascination about this sport kept him going deeper. Further, by the time of 1946, Walter established seven fitness houses. He pioneered with the concept of alloting personal trainers to everyone. Also, he conveyed his theory on fitness requirements in Adults as well as kids.

marcy foldable exercise bike

Finally, in 1959 he established the Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company. Moreover, he pioneered in this domain too by proving the importance of professional graded exercising equipment for residential use.

Having said about the vision, the excellence this brand has achieved is unparalleled. We have the Marcy foldable exercise bike which will not only fit in your cozy apartment but also fit in your budget. Additionally, this bike will help people to lose some fats and to those who want to gain by strengthening the core.

Components of Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Coming to the individual components, here we will describe all the components and their features. Along with that, we have described the review and functioning of each product. Hence, go through this section with a keen eye on the features that you might like or the feature you don’t want.

To sum it all, there are a total of five components which contributes to the Marcy foldable exercise bike. These components i.e. digital screen meter, adjustable resistance, reliable structure, foldable compact design.

Digital Fitness Meter

fitness meter on indoor bike

The digital meter of the Marcy foldable exercise bike has a huge body despite a huge screen. However, everything on the screen will be visible even if you are riding like a maniac standing on the paddles.

The meter is actually a combination of five readings which you will see on the screen. That includes speed, distance, calories burnt, time, and resistance. Hence, it provides enough info on the vital criteria which you shall monitor during the exercise. However, it wouldn’t make a difference if you ignored all the other readings and just saw the time.

You shall reset the readings every time you start paddling on the Marcy foldable exercise bike to have consistent results.

Adjustable Resistance

adjust resistance of indoor exercise bike

Here we have the magnetic resistance which will never make the slightest sound like flywheel ones. Also, it provides momentum similar to the flywheel bikes. Slower the speed, more of resistance you experience.

There is a total of eight various resistance options ranging from least resistant to the most. It provides a simulation of the bicycle ride for different gradient terrains. Additionally, various resistances will be very helpful during the HIIT workouts.

Reliable Structure

exercise bike Marcy

This section is mainly about the whole Marcy foldable exercise bike and its design. Despite the body looks delicate this is one rigid piece of equipment which weighs almost 36 pounds. In fact, it can withstand up to 300 pounds weighing person.

Apart from that, the bike is suitable for people up to 5 feet and up to six feet three tall. Because of its adjustable seat is easy to adjust. Further, the bike measures 34 x 18.25 x 45.25 inches in length, width, and height respectively. Hence, this bike is suitable even for the heavy as well as either tall or tiny people.

Foldable Compact Design

foldable exercising cycle

Having said about design in brief, here we have described the folding feature of the bike. This bike will be suitable for people who have cozy apartments, limited exercising time. Because of the folding design of the Marcy foldable exercise bike makes it all easy. You can easily fold the bike, pack it up in the corner and also unfold it quickly whenever you feel like.

Adjustable Seat

The seat measures almost three-feet which you can use to adjust the riding height. This seat will make this bike a perfect exercising tool even for the tall and short people. There is an easy locking know mechanism to keep the seat in the position. Although the bar of the seat will fit perfectly into the bike’s end there will be some clattering sound.

Pros/Cons of Owning the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike NS-652

Go through the positives and negatives of the product in brief.


  • Compact and foldable design. Suitable for cozy houses.
  • Rigid, strong yet minimalistic design is attractive.
  • Fitness meter measures speed, distance, calories burnt, and time.
  • Comes with rubber feet. Saves your floor/carpet from scratches.
  • The adjustable seat is useful for multiple users in a single place.
  • Paddles have a strap to lock your feet while paddling.
  • Withstands up to 300 pounds.


  • Handling the 36-pound bike can be difficult.
  • The adjustable seat will make a clattering sound.

The EndNote

We saw this product is like a boon for the fitness enthusiasts, especially who are engaged in hectic schedules. Also, people living in small apartments will find this product very useful. However, the life of this product will not as long as that of the heavy-duty machines you see in the gym. Nevertheless, the Marcy foldable exercise bike comes with the two years warranty.

Finally, we have to wrap the review and feel free to mention us in the comment section case of any query.