How to Do a HIIT Indoor Bike Workout – High Intensity Interval Training

Cycling can mean anything ranging from an indoor paddling to coasting down the hillocks of countryside roads. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you could ever do without conceding any injuries or side effects. In fact, people have switched to indoor cycling for the very reason of eliminating injuries.

Apparently, people have started to like the HIIT indoor bike workouts for achieving the best results by committing minimum time in training.


About HIIT Indoor Bike

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Firstly, let us start with the indoor bike and its advantages. We all know paddling indoors is a lot different from actually paddling outdoor or on the track.

However, outdoor cycle training or leisure rides could be dangerous i.e. road accidents. Apart from that, monsoonal climates, scorching summers, wild animals, etc. pose some risks too.

Nonetheless, that is when the concept of indoor cycling came into existence. That too, the new upscaling HIIT exercising pattern peaked since the last decade and entered into cycling as well. Thereafter people often practiced HIIT sessions on their spin bikes than just paddling at a steady pace.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. In this exercise scheme, people have to perform a repetition of rapid sets consecutively without stopping. For example, a normal spin bike user will engage in an hour of daily exercise at a steady pace.

On the other hand, the HIIT workouts include a set of fast paddling for a half a minute followed by slow paddling for another half minute. Not to mention, the doer has to repeat the same set for at least 10 to 20 times without resting.

HIIT indoor biking is one of the most challenging and scrutinizing exercises you can ever do. Not to mention, the HIIT cycling workout does not involve any kind of stress to joints or extreme muscle strain.

In addition to that, HIIT exercise pattern does not require long training sessions. You will get overall body exercised within a few minutes especially during HIIT indoor bike workout.

How to Perform HIIT Like a Pro

HIIT is a very convenient exercising scheme which anyone assuming they don’t have any health issues. Go through the HIIT indoor biking steps to eliminate all the possibilities of error.

Hit the Right Track

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Music plays an important motivational medium during exercising especially during the HIIT workouts. Because during a HIIT session you will be pushing yourself beyond your expectations. And that endurance and gut require suitable music to complement the efforts.

Adding to the fact, the type of music you listen could control the intensity of your efforts. Hence, going for a low tempo track during warmup. In the same manner, choosing the best of rocks or metal tracks during the HIIT workouts will tend to encourage you.

Having said that, a variety of music during a workout can even prepare you completely to push your limits. A particular motivational track will reduce lethargy.

Also, it can relax you during the intense moments where you might leave the workouts due to muscle fatigue. Also, intense electronic music or evil metal with extreme percussion.

Start with Stretching

Stretching is vital for getting the body prepared to bear the worst. It will not only charge up your body but also eliminate the chances of conceding any muscle or joint injuries. Generally, people stretch after complete a full body warmup which is also a good idea. However, stretching after a warmup can develop a bit of lethargy to go for a HIIT afterward.

Nonetheless, you can choose the sequence performing stretching and warmup. Because stretching will prepare the body to bear and warmup will prepare the body to reach the unbearable level.

Neither stress yourself for extreme stretching nor chicken out before you reach your flexibility threshold. An optimal stretch will lead you to hesitant breaths, it indicates your joints and muscles are flexed. Not to mention, an instance of breathlessness is good at the posture of a stretch but never after that.

Choose the Resistance Range

Get on the indoor bike and adjust the resistance level up to your will. Additionally, look for the least resistance as well as most to ensure you can use both during the HIIT.

HIIT Process

You shall have a timer or a clock visible from the indoor bike easily to time your high and low-intensity paddling. Additionally, here we have given an optimal normal time span of one minute which most of the people can do.

If you find it difficult being a rookie then you can go for 30 sec or 50 sec of paddling. Make sure you keep the same time limit for each rep that you perform.

According to the one-minute golden rule:

  • Begin HIIT With a Minute of Intense Paddling
  • Keep it Easy for the Next One Minute
  • Repeat It Without Resting

Benefits of HIIT Indoor Biking

HIIT indoor bike workouts will engage not only your calves, thighs, adductors, gluteals but also the entire core. Yes, the core is involved in cycling. In fact, it acts as the foundation upon which your body relies.

Moreover, HIIT indoor bike workouts can benefit more than just your muscles.

  • Increase in stamina and endurance.
  • Improving cardiovascular functioning.
  • Controlling hypertension on a longer run.
  • Relaxing the mind with a sense of satisfaction.
  • Building strength and gaining bulk.
  • Best way to lose fat.
  • Many more…