Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle Review | R2780 (29-Inch)

Cycling has been one of the most cherished sports of all time. People engage in cycling for various purposes i.e. exercising, races, competitions, skills games, socializing, commuting, touring, therapy, muscular/joint injury rehabilitation, and accelerating the mind. Not to mention, apparently, recreational cyclists have shown an inclination towards off-road biking. People love to explore the off-road which involves flat paths into the woods but not too much concede an injury from. To cut a long story short, here we will be reviewing the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle which is the most economical mountain bike in its segment.


About Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

economical mountain bike

The Mongoose R2780 Impasse is a product line which consists of vivid mountain bike models. The Impasse features a series of mountain bikes with and without suspension. It is the full double suspension as well as a smooth operating 21-speed gear set enough to pace up the descent and keep up with the ascent.

Further, the aluminum frame of the bike contributes to the bike with a rugged yet lightweight body foundation. Additionally, double walled deep-section rims make the rides more reliable.

The Impasse R2780 with the shifter and nicely arranged rear sprocket set makes shifting the gear smoothly. However, you will experience a jerk while shifting the drive train from/to the first gear(highest torque). Because to provide an optimal torque and speed the makers have provided a gear set with vast variation.

Finally, the end the little explanations about the bike there is something important for us to know. This bike comes with the dual disc brakes i.e. for front and rear. It will facilitate the rider for a quick stop and even lock the wheels during descent if ought to.

Components of Mongoose R2780 Impasse

To proceed with the review on the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle here, you will find the review for each component individually. To learn about the individual components of the bike, you shall read the following sections. Also, learn which component of the R2780 is the best for you and the other which does not fit your requirements.

1. Frame

We shall shed some light on the basic component of the bike on which we mount other components. The Impasse R2780 has the frame made of aluminum alloy. The alloy of aluminum is renown for its toughness as well as lightweight properties. In fact, many economical bikes of the same segment are made from a similar aluminum alloy.

Looking at the geometry of the frame, there are many cross-links and multiple welds connecting the fore and aft part of the bike individually. However, there is one pivot joint connecting the fore and aft halves of the frame with each other. The aft frame is a tough triangular swing arm connecting the rear wheel, the pivot point, and the suspension link together.

The frame is rugged and even lightweight yet the suspension link and pivot point will produce squeaking after a few months of use. Other than that, the bike will hardly require maintenance too often.

2. Tires & Rims

Coming to the wheels and rims of the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle, these pair of wheels will not disappoint you. The rims of the bike come with a double-walled structure for extra ruggedness. In fact, a profile like this on a mountain bike adds a great appearance and also a little toughness to the structure.

On the other hand, the tires of the bike are just a pair of regular 29-inch off-road/on-road compatible wheels. It will keep you on track with its little protruding tread pattern. Also, it makes biking on paved road a bit difficult especially if you a habituated to keeping the pace. Hence, stunting on a bike like this can probably wear out the tire or deform the rims abruptly.

3. Gears & Shifters

gear shifters

The Shimano gear changer set is just awesome especially with its SRAM MRX derailleur keeping the chain on its position. The handlebar of Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle consists of a twist shifter for changing the wheel & crank gears. Generally, the twist shifters are more reliable than the thumb shifters but those are smoother than the twist-shifters.

Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle

Moreover, you will not feel the backlash from the driveline due to shifting of gears except for the first gear. The largest sprocket of the wheel gear set measures way bigger than the successive one. Hence, when the moving chain shifts from the first gear to the next or vice versa. However, it is not big deal if you are offroading as a leisure activity.

4. Suspension

element suspension

There are two suspensions on the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle which keep the ride smooth. The front fork has the element suspension which is the telescopic shock absorber. It is capable of maintaining the ride-height and absorbing the shocks coming from different types of terrain.

On the other hand, getting a few rounds of wheelies right after the cornering will be a great way to celebrate performing a sharp turn. The rear shock absorber with a concentric coil of stiff spring will be the best to withstand every extremity.

5. Brakes

Finally, the last one on our list i.e. front and rear disc brakes. These cable-operated calipers which grip the alloy disc to lock the wheels even during the fastest coasting speeds.

Pros/Cons of Owning The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Look for the merits and demerits of the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle in this section.


  • Rugged & lightweight frame.
  • Efficient suspension system.
  • Smooth shifter and changer.
  • Front & rear disc brakes.


  • First gear from/to first gear has a backlash.
  • Tires & rims won’t withstand extreme trails.

The EndNote

To conclude the review, we would advise this bike to people who are fitness, adventure freaks who can take a mild trail in the woods. This bike is suitable for people who want an economical mountain bike for weekend off-road paddling sessions. On the contrary, this bike will not suitable for extreme downhill sports or popping wheelies on paved roads.

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