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Looking for some downhill coasting or even better if you want to paddle along the farmlands and country roads? The Mongoose XR200 full suspension mountain bike is the bike all you need for pursuing the adventures or even getaways. Mongoose XR200 is a craft of minimalistic design and rugged construction. Moreover, for that reason, the XR200 is one of those bikes which doesn’t compromise on style, toughness, and lightweight.


About Mongoose XR200 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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The Mongoose XR200 is a sleek bike which can even let you ride through the deserted patches as well as the downhill coasting. This bike is all about taking a rough trail yet end up like it is a smooth, subtle one. The Mongoose has a history of ups and downs in its recent past. That is the reason that economical mountain bikes making into the market from the Mongoose label.

Mongoose started manufacturing the BMX bikes initially during mid-’70s and eventually got into the mountain bike manufacturing too. Further, the Pacific bicycle manufacturing company from Taiwan merged in 2001 with Mongoose after which the major changes took place. Earlier Mongoose has produced only premium and elite adventure mountain bikes and BMX.

During 2012, Mongoose cut down on making the elite bikes to boost the popularity of their budget bikes which was a huge turn down for a short span. Later the makers continued making the elite bikes.

Components of Mongoose XR200

Continuing with the review, we have split the review according to the individual components the Mongoose XR200 full suspension mountain bike. You can learn about each component of the bike and see the ways it matches your requirements.


Here we have a full-aluminum alloy frame which constitutes a major cut in the bike which weighs about 37 pounds in total. The frame of the bike is not as light as it appears looking at its sleek body. However, the ruggedness of the bike makes the deal interesting. There are minimum linkages in the main frame which gives the frame a good, stylish stance. Not to mention, the three-link rear suspension just adds up to the elegance of the XR200 effortlessly.

Additionally, the suspension arrangement for the stiff shock absorber coiled spring is just commendable. The small fulcrum connector to the spring is a great way to optimize the travel distance. It can also withstand extreme loads of the uneven paths.

On the other hand, we have the efficient rear swing arm with the triangular structure capable of carrying the tons of loads. Not to mention, the front fork with the element suspension comes with great constructional geometry and stem adjustment features. All these features add up to the benefits of using the Mongoose XR200 full suspension mountain bike.


Continuing with the benefits of using the XR200, this section will describe the suspension arrangement of the apparent bike. The XR200 comes with the adjustable front as well as the rear suspension. It makes riding the bike on a paved and off-road pleasant. However, going to the extreme uneven path can result in chassis damage to the cycle. Hence, it is advisable to refrain such trails.

Talking about the front Element forks with a long journey. Also, the easy to adjust stem height makes the handling the bike easy. In fact, the riser handles and the shifter will maintain your upright stance which looks impressive as well as is beneficial for the back.

However, a little offset to the wheels axle and the incidence angle of the fork could enhance the riding experience. Not to mention, that would surely elevate some cost of the bike which is not desirable.

Additionally, the rear suspension is shock absorber with a concentric spring coil. The stiffness of the spring maintains the swingarm from traveling more than needed even on rough roads. Also, the three-link mechanism adds to the stiffness of the suspension.

It increases the length of the acting load via elongating the leverage point from the fulcrum. Hence, the efficiency of the spring holds greater chances of withstanding extreme loads.

Gear & Shifters

The Mongoose XR200 full suspension mountain bike is all about coasting down the hill and ascending back to next the one. XR200 with its 21-speed gears and availability of both grip shifter makes riding this bike nothing less than a downhill rally bike. The gears are nicely adjusted to minimize backlash which you will experience in most of the mountain bikes.

Rims & Tires

The XR200 comes with deep-section alloy rims which are just regular rims yet are capable of withstanding heavy loads. Also, the tires of XR200 have a sufficient tread grip to paddle the muddle with minimum efforts and paddle the paved road without a lag.

Deep-section rims of the bike make it strong along with maintaining the low weight. You can see a number of spokes indicating the strength of the rim which is desirable.


The Mongoose XR200 full suspension mountain bike has the best combination of front and rear brakes. It has a disc brake in the front and a V-brake at the rear wheel. In fact, this combination is a standard arrangement of a bike like XR200 meant to be economical built.

Pros/Cons of Using Mongoose XR200 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Look for the positives and negatives of the Mongoose XR200 full suspension mountain bike in this section.


  • Minimally designed rugged frame.
  • Deep-section rims with optimal griped tires.
  • Grip twisters are good.
  • Three-link rear suspension & Element front fork.
  • Riser handlebar is a comfortable option for a bike like this.


  • There is no downside about this bike especially for such a low price.

The EndNote

Finally, ending the review with a pleasant note about this bike is that there are no peculiar demerits of owning this bike. In fact, getting the stylish upturned bike like the XR200 at this price is merely impossible. Hence, we hope this bike was something you seek to buy and pursue the much-awaited trails soon.

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