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People these days are eager to be a part of some weekend adventure which gets them going for the week. Also, people try to balance the risk, cost, and adrenaline equation in an optimum way and get alive back to homes. Moreover, people have shown much inclination towards recreational cycling which does even injure their joints and deliver the best of exercising and relaxation after the adrenaline rush. Adding to the equation, we will have a detailed review of the Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike which is an epitome of the mountain bike for the people who seek biking adventure.


About Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike

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The XR-pro is similar to the dream bikes kids usually look forward to owning. In fact, it is the bike of the dreams for the young as well as aged adventurers. So, to begin with, the description of the XR-pro, we would like to mention that this bike comes with an aerial frame. Also, the frame comprises of a few bends and a lot of weld-pools.

Generally, we tend to like the structure of the bike which has a couple of bold weld-pools and a rough mat shade complementing the cult stance of the bike. Moreover, the color, stance, etc. are the external merits of the Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike. Actually, the charm of the bike lies with its design and construction fo each individual components.

Therefore, keep reading further to know about the bike in detail.

Components of Mongoose XR-PRO

This section consists of the review of each individual components of the bike. In this manner, you can easily understand the functioning of the components. Also, learn if any of its components are different than what you seek in a mountain bike. However, we are sure with the XR-pro, there will be nothing about this bike which you would dislike.

1. Frame

Firstly, the frame of the bike is made from a high-grade aluminum alloy which is not only lightweight but also strong. The frame of the Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike has a bend structure along with the weld joints at the angular nodes. It makes the frame ergonomic for uneven terrain. In fact, many professional riders prefer the bends and weld to be similarly proportional like the XR-pro has to easily maneuver the bike.

The coolest part about this frame is that it has a slanting emergence while reaching the rear triangle of the bike. Similarly, the geometry of the swing arm of the bike is almost captivating to the very end of the rider’s gut. Because the rider will not experience abrupt jerks and snaps from the suspension linkages of the bike.

2. Rims & Tires

The rims of the XR-pro are also made of the aluminum alloy, however, its manufacturing process and grade is different than the frame. These rims are the flat bottom rims which make them more susceptible to damage during the severe off-road trails. However, many tension spokes holding the rim together and supporting the bike are very reliable.

Similar to the rims, the tires of the Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike could have been more rugged. The spare tires costs more after buying the bike than you would spend on any other accessories.

Hence, the big void for a chance of improvement with the XR-pro is its rims and tires. The high profile rims and less exotic tires would have been better. Adding to the fact, the 29-inch factory tires you get with this bike are way expensive than the ones you see on cheaper bikes.

3. Gears & Shifters

Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike

The Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike has a pair of trigger shifters. It is the true way how a mountain biker likes to shift gears. Admitting the use of exaggeration there, but the apparent shifters are the same way we describe them. You will almost start feeling like performing a great act of showmanship by shifting the gears at the perfect terrains.

The shifter is very smooth and requires almost no time to wind/unwind the gear shifting wire. Along with that, the bike comes with a premium 24-speed SRM gear changer at the rear and on the crank. The derailleur at the rear wheel is very smooth with shifting the path of the chain from one gear to another.

gear mechanism of mountain bike

Although many cyclists will recommend you to shift the gears subtly this shifter will allow you to shift up and down rapidly. The driveline of the XR-pro is of a special design which allows you to perform the toughest maneuvers along with rapid gear shifting. On the contrary, you will hardly find the chain to tangling to other components accidentally.

4. Suspension

shock absorber fork

stiff suspension of cycle

First things first, this is the best suspension looking at the sleek frame and stiffness of the shock absorbers. Generally, the arrangement of the rear suspension along with its swing-arm makes the system work. Similarly, the swingarm holding the rear tire is way larger than it appears in the image.

The large swing arm i.e. the rear triangle of the bike connects with the suspension and the front triangle of the bike via a three-link mechanism. It makes the fulcrum point further from the acting load and hence the efficiency of the suspension remains maximum.

5. Brakes

To end with the review with the last component is its brakes. The Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike has a pair two disc brakes working at each at rear and front of the bike. This is the best possible case for a mountain bike which has to go through the extremities of the woods, desert, or mountain.

Pros/Cons of Owning Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike

Look for the merits and demerits of the Mongoose XR-pro men’s mountain bike in this section.


  • Lightweight, rugged frame.
  • Excellent disc brakes.
  • Trigger shifters.
  • Efficient suspension system.


  • Wheels are more susceptible to wear.
  • XR-pro is a bit expensive.

The EndNote

This bike filled with ruggedness except for its sophisticated tires. Get XR-pro if cost is not an issue, try cheaper options from this brand which are equally good.

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