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Are you keen on learning and developing your mountain bike riding skills. There here is a piece on How to bunny hop a mountain bike for all those riders who always crave to do something more with their mountain bike. If you are one such rider, who wish to learn bunny hop, then you shouldn’t miss reading it

Kindly go through the below-given points and learn bunny hop with an ease.

How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike? – Steps for Skills Development

Here are some of the tips that you shall follow while trying to learn How to Bunny Hop a Mountain bike. With these tips, it will become very much simple for any rider to perform bunny hop on their mountain bike. Have a look at all these points and start hopping!

1. Remind the Law of Compression

Remember the law of compression we elaborated in our earlier article on How to Jump a Mountain Bike? In the same way, you have to rely on this law of compression for bunny hopping. First of all, you have to gain some momentum after traveling a bit on your mountain bike. Once you gain the momentum, you have to start compressing your bicycle. As you overload it, it will start getting the torque from the bottom.

The same torque will provide you with the necessary amount of power required while jumping. Therefore, you shall provide the sufficient amount of load in the same.

2. Stay Erect for the Jump and Be Ready with your Stance

Prior to jumping, you have to keep your body posture in a good manner. A bad posture generally makes the things difficult for the rider. Due to this, keeping yourself firm and with a good stance, you have to make it sure that when you will jump, you are getting the sufficient amount of strength from your body. Greater the power you are getting, better will be your jump.

The problem with not staying erect is that it often imbalances the bicycle. While bunny hopping on a mountain bike, one shall be extremely careful about not to put any unnecessary weight on either end. Standing erect will make your mountain bike stay properly balanced. Therefore, you must opt this stance while bunny hopping.

3. Pull off the Handlebars from the Land and Jump

Pulling off the handlebars at the perfect time is a great skill. While pulling them up, you shall be familiar with your bicycle’s speed, obstacles before you (If there is any) as well as your bicycle’s weight. It is pretty much necessary to be careful about the handlebars. Otherwise, you might end up on hitting the obstacle or an improper jump.

Even jumping requires you to evenly distribute your weight. An uneven distribution of the weight often makes it difficult to jump properly.

4. Scoop the Bike

After turning your front wheel up, you next have to focus on turning the rear one. In order to turn the rear wheel upwards, you have to scoop your mountain bike. This provides it with the necessary amount of momentum one requires for doing it. In this manner, performing a bunny hop on a mountain bike becomes extremely simple for you!

5. Land Safely

Perhaps, the main thing besides all this is to land safely. There are instances where not landing properly has caused injuries to the rider. In order to prevent all this from happening to you, you have to make it sure that the front wheel comes down first. While landing on the ground, you have to firmly hold the handles. Otherwise, the handlebar might tangle itself and result in a fall.

Furthermore, while the rear portion is landing, you should prevent any kind of load acting on it. In this manner, you will land successfully, without any kind of trouble.

We hope that the present article has provided you with enough guidelines on How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike. If you are finding it enough, then it is the right time to go and practice it. You mightn’t succeed at first, but after practicing a bit, you will surely get to learn bunny hopping properly. And if you want to learn some more riding skills, keep following our articles.

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