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Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike is all about fitness and optimum comfort. This machine is packed with a ton load of features which set this bike apart from many similar others. To say the least, the apparent bike is a premium touch to a fitness equipment.

In addition to that, the A17R is a versatile exercising bike which will match every expectation that you have. Hence, no matter if you are not a fitness freak yet because this bike will make exercising too much fun to neglect it. Also, the A17R is suitable for the athletes who regularly perform intense sessions of CrossFit or HIIT.


About Epic A17R Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike is one heavy piece of machinery constituting to about 135 pounds of shipping weight. In contrast to the heavyweight, this machine is a fab for paddling at different resistance levels. In fact, the paddling becomes interesting after you connect to the virtual world and compete with friends.

Epic A17R is a recumbent bike which will majorly impact the gluteals, thighs, abdominal muscles, and calves(if you place the center of the feet on the paddle). The recumbent bike compels you to sit relaxed titled backward a bit. Along with that, the rider has to stretch the legs to reach the paddle which involves core muscles to the fullest only if the rider is not resting his/her back on the seat.

In addition to that, the Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike has a great fitness meter/console which displays vivid fitness readings and much more. Apart from that, the A17R bike is easy to fit/assemble the because of its standard Allen bolts and key. You can easily set the machine up by yourself. However, it could take more time you would expect.

Components of Epic A17R Bike

In this section, we have described the functioning and brief review of each of the major components. You can go through the apparent section to learn the working of each component. You will find the positives of using the Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike as well as the points where it lacks delivering the best.

Fitness Meter/Console

Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike

Starting with the most important component of the A17R i.e. the fitness meter/console. This console shows about every information you require to measure the longevity and effectiveness of your workout. It shows speed, distance, time of exercise, etc. Also the most important of them all is the heartbeat rate. The display pairs up with the Bluetooth chest strap which actually measures the pulse and transfers the data to the screen.

In addition to that, the side grip handles have a pair of two heart rate receptors. These receptors are capable of measuring the overall/average heart rate perfectly than the instantaneous. Hence, the chest strap for accurate instantaneous and handle receptors for overall are useful for measuring heartbeats.

Apart from that, the console itself comes with an adjustable link. So, the rider can adjust or tilt the screen according to requirements. It is a rear feature that none of the rivals have in this equivalent segment.

Not to mention, the console of Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike not only has a backlight but a full-HD screen. However, some users have noted a dim light-flickering which can ruin the experience while working out in dark.

Nonetheless, this console features a fan with adjustable speed and a pair of speakers. The fan throws a narrow air-stream towards the rider. Whereas the speakers are compatible with mp3 players, smartphone, etc. Along with that, the console has a duct to accommodate a tablet, or a book, etc.

Finally, to end the current topic and adding a bit to the positives of the console there are about 30 pre-installed apps. Also, the console features the iFit compatibility, by the way purchasing its membership can add up a few more dollars per month as a bill. Nonetheless, its worth is rightly paid when you train with Jillian Michaels and other celebs.

Adjustable Seat

indoor bike seat Epic A17R

The soft seat with a firm and adaptive backrest is as good as riding the bike sitting on a couch. Additionally, the seat is mounted on a uni-rail base which allows the seat to move forward and backward. All you have to do is loosen or tighten the seat-locking lever which is right beneath the seat.

This provision allows even the short people to paddle who measure about five feet tall. On the other hand, the furthest position of the seat can allow a six feet five person to exercise easily.


Flywheel of A17R along with magnet

The resistance of the Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike is a combination of two. The apparent bike has 17-pound conventional flywheel as well as the magnetic resistance. You can choose any resistance from a range of total of 24 levels. Basically, a wide range of resistances makes this bike suitable for all kind of fitness enthusiasts i.e. working people, fitness fans, elite athletes, injured people aiming for muscular rehab, etc.

Transport Wheel

The A17R has a pair of transport wheels at its front bottom horizontal bar. These wheels will be helpful for you if you have to relocate the bike from one spot to another in your house. However, the wheels will not prove to be very useful on the soft or uneven floor. Hence, expecting the wheels to roll on the carpet will not fetch positive results.

Pros/Cons of Owning Epic A17R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Look for the positives and negatives of the Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike in this section.


  • Best in-class console.
  • Fan and speakers increase the usefulness.
  • The adjustable seat is great.
  • Bluetooth chest-strap and handle receptors provide accurate readings.
  • Conventional flywheel and magnetic resistance have 24 intensity variations.


  • Some user noted mild flickering of screen.

The EndNote

To end the review and give judgment, we would like to say there was nothing to point to apart from the dim flickering of the screen. The Epic A17R recumbent exercise bike is truly great exercising equipment to go for.

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