Freemotion 370r Recumbent Exercise Bike Review | For Great Cardio Workout

There is nothing to look back to your unfit past when you have considered the Freemotion 370r recumbent exercise bike. It is a complete package for everyone, this bike is perfect for elite athletes or rookies new to the workout scene. Not to mention, there are ton loads of tempting features which will be useful for you during an active workout.

The apparent bike has a total of 23 resistance levels and 22 programs to choose from. Along with that, you get to see the edgy classic console displaying many readings including your heartbeat with a backlit iFit screen.

Keep reading further to know about the product completely and see if the product suits your requirements or not.


About Freemotion 370r Recumbent Exercise Bike

Freemotion 370r Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Freemotion 370r recumbent exercise bike is a perfect option for everyone who seeks a solution to overweight. Additionally, it is suitable for people who prefer to perform HIIT-cardio or muscle developing CrossFit using a bike. The Freemotion 370r will offer many fitness and cycling-oriented apps installed in its 5-inch iFit fitness meter console.

To cut a long story short, this bike offers many features necessary for fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes, and people doing recreational activities simulation on the 370r.

Components of Freemotion 370r Bike

We have described the complete review of the product into small fragments. It means you will see a specific description of the components of the Freemotion 370r individually. In fact, in that manner, you will easily understand the about the product’s usefulness.

Hence, go through the section to know about the product in detail.

Fitness Meter

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Coming to the best component of the Freemotion 370r Recumbent Exercise Bike i.e. fitness metrics console. It displays the speed, heart rate, time elapsed, instantaneous and total distance. In addition to that, the console is an iFit 5″ backlit screen which will be nothing less than paddling coasting down a hillock.

You can even use various apps featuring the training with Jillian Michaels, Google Maps, etc. There are total 30 pre-installed fitness and biking oriented apps on this console In addition to that, you can also connect any music playing device i.e. mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, etc. compatible with its stereo speakers.

Not to mention, this console has a small fan which throws a narrow airstream towards the user. It will ensure the user does not end up leaving the workout due to exhaustion. Hence, there is nothing to point to for the console Freemotion 370r has. In fact, it is one of the best we have come across so far.

Adjustable Seat

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Adjustable seat of the Freemotion 370r recumbent exercise bike is one the best provisions makers have thought of. It is a uni-rail mounted seat with easy to adjust its distance from the paddles. There is a seat locking lever below the seat which will tighten or loosen the seat. The user can easily adjust the length of the seat from the paddles.


The Freemotion 370r recumbent exercise bike comes with the magnetic resistance which rolls silently. Unlike the conventional bikes with weighted flywheels, this bike offers resistance along yet paddling motion will be smooth. However, there is a 17-pound flywheel along with the magnetic resistance to enhance the intensity of the exercise with optimum weight addition to the bike.

Apart from that, there are twenty magnetic resistance variations to use along with one-step resistance variation. This provision makes this bike suitable even for the athletes who always go for intense variations during a single session. Moreover, it is not needed for the people who have to go to the office or manage various day to day activities.

However, using most variation during a long workout session is certainly beneficial. Hence, even if you are not an athlete, this machine could add up a possibility of performing intense workouts on a daily basis.

Transport Wheels

There are two wheels at the front bottom of the bike. Generally, makers provide these wheels so that the user can easily move the bike. On the other hand, these wheels will be the best option if you need to move the bike via an uneven floor. Because these wheels are so tiny that they even get stuck around small obstacles. In fact, these wheels will not roll if you try to move the bike on a carpet.

Hence, the wheels are useful to those people who do not have the carpet or other obstacles coming in the way during a relocation of the bike. Other than that, the use of the transport wheels is going to be another hassle for you. Anyways, placing the Freemotion 370r somewhere permanent is advisable or at least try to avoid frequent relocation.

Pros/Cons of Using Freemotion 370r Recumbent Exercise Bike

Look for the positives and negatives of the Freemotion 370r recumbent exercise bike in this section.


  • Best in-class fitness meter with bright backlit iFit screen.
  • 20 magnetic resistance variations along with one step resistance.
  • Console body consists of a speed adjustable fan and a pair of speakers.
  • Uni-rail mounted seat is easy to adjust and use.
  • Optimum weight of the flywheel i.e. 17 pounds makes handling the bike easy.


  • Contact-type heartbeat receptors can be inaccurate at times. The accurate chest-strap has to be bought separately.
  • Transport wheels on the bike will not roll on slightly uneven surfaces.

The EndNote

Therefore, we have learned about an indoor cycle i.e. Freemotion 370r recumbent exercise bike which is the best. It had a lot of useful features. Along with the useful features, this recumbent bike focused on the core exercises as well as the lower body exercises. If we have to pick a feature which did not add up to the benefits section then it would be contact-type heartbeat receptor and the handle. Other than that, this bike offers the best of everything, it is the best option for athletes as well as normal people.

You can leave a comment in case if you have queries or you think any point about this bike was left unexplained.

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