IRONMAN H-Class 520 Magnetic Indoor Bike Review | With Bluetooth

Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor bike is nothing like a normal indoor spinning bike. It will be impossible for you to purchase H-Class 520 and lose interest after some time. There are tons of features which will keep you astonished for a sufficient time till you become habituated to H-Class workout.

It is a complete package for every kind of fitness enthusiast lazy, energetic, fit, unfit, etc. Additionally, it is a whole package capable of becoming your one step gym at home.

You can perform all the exercises on this bike right from an active cardio to the endurance building HIIT. Similarly, it will help you cut some chunks down and even build core, gluteal, and thighs.

Having said that, we have described every feature making this product one of the best. As well as you shall get some downsides of the Ironman H-Class 520.


About Ironman H-Class 520 Magnetic Indoor Bike

Ironman H-Class 520 Magnetic Indoor Bike

H-Class 520 is undoubted one of the best spin bikes for usual and mild domestic exercising or exercising at home. Reviewing this indoor spin bike itself gives a peak of excitement and satisfaction. Yes, this bike is a sheer piece of art, the designers and manufacturers deserve a pat on their backs for it.

Looking at the long list of useful features of Ironman H-Class 520, you too will feel the energy. It will be an inevitable desire for fitness enthusiasts to try this masterpiece from Ironman.

As the matter of fact, this bike has every component designed to suit the majority of people. There is an adjustable handlebar along with an attachment of a pair of arrow bars in the center. Apart from that, it has a seat adjustment options which goes in vertical and longitudinal directions.

In addition to that, this bike has a bottle holder right below the premium Fitness meter showing readings more than you need. Also, this bike works on the magnetic resistance along with the 44 pounds of a flywheel.

Keep reading further to know about every detail Ironman H-Class 520 has to offer.

Components of H-Class 520

The apparent indoor exercise bike is actually a combination of all the components put together. Hence, we have reviewed each of the components which will add up to the final picture of Ironman H-Class 520 review.


indoor upright bike

Starting with the overall design and construction of the Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor bike. It is a cult steel frame of sturdy pipes with chrome-like finish yet it maintains the dark grey color presence. We can say it as an amalgamation of chromium and mat finishes. Also, the sleek weldpool visible at the joints even enhances the rugged look of the indoor bike.

Further, the geometry of the seat is tilted towards the rear. It will not only increase the riders comfort but also manipulates the handlebar distance from the seat. Along with that, the three crank mechanism paddle sits right beneath the seat for utmost effort execution.

In addition to the paddles, an adaptive belt connect the paddles with the 44-pound flywheel in the front. Not to mention there is a strong magnet placed above the flywheel below the handlebar arrangement. The magnet will stay close to the flywheel, however, you can adjust the clearance between the magnet and flywheel. Which, in-turn change the resistance i.e. closer the magnet, more the resistance and vice versa. Also, the least resistance paddling will include the inertia of 44-pound dead weight flywheel.

You can see the design and construction of the handlebar and seat in their respective sections.


The Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor bike is an epitome of hardware appliances which features applications. Our indoor bike has the Bluetooth connectivity option which will share the live fitness information to the smartphone or tablet connected to it.

Generally, people connect their gadgets to the bike to have a detailed info from a bright screen. The interactive screen will make exercising more fun than just observing the digital screen with no backlight.

Having said about the connectivity, you can download a free version of the application and obtain live detailed readings of speed, heartbeats, calories burnt, etc. on the mobile screen. Along with that, the console has a space to accommodate a smartphone, tablet, or a book.

Flywheel & Magnet

resistance of Ironman H-class

Coming to the main component of Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor bike i.e. its flywheel and magnet. Flywheel weighs 44 pounds which have its own inertia. However, manufacturers have used a strong magnet alongside the flywheel to deliver extra resistance.

In fact, the arrangement is very convenient because it lets you adjust the clearance between magnet and flywheel. In that manner, managing the resistance is possible.

Adjustable Seat & Handlebar

indoor bike for tall people

Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor bike has an adjustable seat. You can easily lift or drop the riding height with a gentle push of the seat locking knob. In fact, it is possible to adjust the seat a bit in the longitudinal direction.

Fitness Meter/Console

Here we come to the workout monitoring section. Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor has an informative/detailed fitness monitoring console. It will show you the speed, rpm, exercising time, calories burnt, and the most important, your heartbeats.

You will get a remote chest belt which will send the data of your heartbeats to the console.

Pros/Cons of Owning an H-Class 520

Look for the positives and negatives of the product in this section.


  • Good for cardio as well as CrossFit exercises.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and fitness information sharing.
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat.
  • The paddle has straps preventing feet from slipping.
  • PVC mat and chest belt with the bike are the best.
  • Capable to withstand 300 pounds person willing to exercise.


  • The bike weighs around 130 pounds, handling becomes difficult.
  • Cost can be a bit high than many other indoor cycles.

The EndNote

We saw a bike, merely a piece of metal yet it had everything vital for fitness. In fact, the Ironman H-Class 520 magnetic indoor bike will become an emotional attachment for you. The Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable handlebar, and seat, and perfect resistance from flywheel and magnet is a great combination for an indoor bike.

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