Nautilus U614 Upright Exercise Bike Review | With Dual-Track Console Screen

The U614 is the classic indoor cycle with the perimeter weighted flywheel as well as the well-equipped fitness console. Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike will not only become your special gym but also be the source of daily motivation. With all its matt-grey color scheme and minimalistic design, handling and exercising on U614 will become your habit.

Keep reading to know each function of the Nautilus U614 bike and see yourself the versatility if this bike. In fact, you won’t be able to resist this exercising equipment after you get to know about the dual-track multi-display console.


About Nautilus U614 Upright Exercise Bike

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Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike has the simple and rugged design and construction. It has the standard weighted flywheel along with a variety of resistances. It has an upright horn-shaped handlebar allowing you to grip with unlimited combinations.

Components of Nautilus U614

Although the Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike appears to be minimal in design it has the best components. We have described each component in this section. Also, you can find the benefits as well as the drawbacks of all the components in their sub-section respectively.


Nautilus U614 Upright Exercise Bike

The Nautilus U614 has a wide range of twenty different resistances to choose from. It lets you workout like a marathon runner as well as like an elite sprinter. The range will go right from the least resistance to the most in twenty different levels with specific training experience.

Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike has the heavy flywheel due to which the whole bike constitutes to 76 lbs after packaging. The flywheel’s weight distributed evenly towards its the perimeter.

It will not only allow you to start paddling without facing much inertia initially. However, it will provide notable resistance during high speeds too on every resistance setting.

Fitness meter

health status display on indoor bike

Coming to the great part of the Nautilus U614 i.e. its dual-track-display console. It can keep track of nine distinct profiles which allows you to pre-set the HIIT workout session without any hassle.

In addition to that, there are about 8 heart-rate control modes. These modes control the intensity of the workout upon detecting an unexpected fluctuation in the heart-rate. It will be a useful feature about U614 to control the workout session according to the current cardiovascular activities.

Apart from that, the multipurpose console offers you to set two custom sets, two fitness tests, and one quick pre-set. This will not only let you exercise with utmost consistency but also compel you to stay on track on odd days.

In addition to that, the console will let you perform the exercises that you require in order to achieve your fitness goal. Yes, the Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike lets the user save the fitness goal after which the exercise plans are decided.

Not to mention that this bike has a dual display screen which keeps showing everything related to your fitness. On the contrary, the contact heartbeat receptors will not show accurate results after a few usages. The telemetric receptor should have been used by the makers which would deliver better results.

Adjustable Seat

bike suitable for tall people

The seat of the bicycle has several adjustment options. This indoor cycle will be suitable for people measuring as tall as six feet four, also those who measure about five feet. However, the seat material can be hard for some to workout on.

Hence, getting an extra padded seat cover is recommended if you are not a cycling person in general. Because most of the cyclists have a tendency to adapt to the narrow and hard seats. On the other hand, many people who hardly use a bicycle or paddle will need an extra cushioning seat-cover for comfort.

Transport Wheels

Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike has smooth transport wheels which will be useful if you have to relocate the bike all by yourself. These wheels are located at the front bottom horizontal leg of the bike.

You will have to lift up the bike’s rear portion to get the wheels touching the ground. After which you can easily move the bike. However, handling the heavy U614 is not an easy task. Also, the small transport wheels of the bike tend to get stuck on to an uneven surface. Additionally, it will ruin your carpet if it happens to be in the way of the wheels while relocating.

Pros/Cons of using Nautilus U614 Upright Exercise Bike

Look for the positives and negatives of the Nautilus U614 upright exercise bike in this section.


  • Dual display for most fitness status visibility on the screen.
  • 20 resistance variations, 9 profiles, 2 fitness tests, a quick exercising set.
  • The adjustable seat is great for tall and short people.
  • Wide and tall handlebar let the user have the optimum grip and perfect posture.


  • Some people prefer riding the bike with an extra cover for more comfort.
  • Heartbeat receptor on the handle will not show accurate results.

The EndNote

Finally, the review has come to an end. To say the least, this product is suitable for the athletes who wish to workout at home during the odd days or bad weather. The variations of intensities will optimize the workout and even save the money and time in a longer run. Nevertheless, we would suggest this bike to every fitness enthusiast in order to have a proper work out experience at home.

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