How to Start an Exercise Routine and Stick to It [Regularly]

Exercising, maintaining physique, fitness, getting in shape, etc. are the pending commitments we have at the back of our minds. Our hectic schedules, freakish friends/foes, etc. always deviate us from our fitness goals. But aren’t we responsible for maintaining the focus-distraction ratios?

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In fact, fitness is everything about focus, pushing boundaries and gaining out of it. Not to mention, taking a tough path does not mean there isn’t a smart way of execution! Follow these steps to endlessly maintain an exercising schedule.


Starting an Exercise Routine

First things first, exercising means hundreds of thousands of variations and intensities. More the variations you perform along with increasing intensities the better results you will obtain. Also, understand a person will require years full of bad habits and laziness to get fat from slim. In the same manner, you cannot expect yourself to become a fitness model within a few months if you are a beginner.

However, these exercising tips will suit you the best to start exercising regularly and sticking to it.

Prefer a Medical Checkup

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Exercising is a combination of physical, chemical, and biological stimulation which will require good health. For example, you cannot instantly start taking long laps or paddle highways all of a sudden especially if you have respiratory diseases.

Prefer to go for a checkup ranging from certain vitamins, minerals, proper cardiovascular functioning, etc. On the other hand, if you feel completely fine then skipping this check will not be a problem. However, you shall train your body for a few days to a week before going for a long spin on your bike or going to the gym.

Plan for the Long Term Goals

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We all regret our laziness at some point in time and often start aggressively working out to see benefits within a short term. On the contrary, this is not the case with most of us. There is an oversaid rule NPR i.e. Nutrition, Practice(Workouts), and Rest which goes hand in hand. It is impossible to achieve the fitness goal violating any factor of this law.

Hence, plan for subtle growth and increase the intensities of workout gradually. In fact, practice different workouts and variations for overall fitness than performing a focused workout routine.

Choose a Perfect Exercising Time

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We all have commitments towards our work, family, friends, community, society but there should be a legit commitment for your health and fitness too.

Look for a time where you don’t eat anything two hours before or after your workouts. Also, plan to rest sufficiently after a workout. Neither stress too much on tiring intensities in the morning nor exhaust yourself at nights in order to go to work the next.

Appreciate Yourself by Celebrating for Small Achievements

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Appreciating yourself is as important as self-criticism. Both of these things will help you to improve in their own ways. In fact, self-criticism and self-motivation are two sides of a coin.

Sometimes, you look stupid or good for nothing if you celebrate small successes. However, don’t mind others judging you today because people will change their perspective if you are persistent. Celebrating the smallest successes will not boost your motive but also help you push your limits at an unimaginable pace.

Hence, celebrate even the smallest of milestones you have achieved. Not to mention, when we say celebration, we mean healthy motivation. You cannot take a cheat day and eat junk for a few pounds you have lost in a whole week. Celebration can be anything from a one-day break from training to going for a long ride.

Start with Warmups and Stretching

warmup and cool down exercises

This section is for the beginners, who hardly commit to regular exercising. Moreover, people dream to become the best but hardly do thing more or different from their lazy schedules. Understand, results of exercising are gradual and a few failures bound to take place. However, here are the easy exercising tips to maintain a fixed exercising schedule.

Firstly, warming up and stretching are the most important drills to start with exercising. You shall do a full-body stretch after breathtaking cardio for warmup. If you are fat, have stayed away from workouts, or athletic lifestyle for a long then these two things would be enough for you for a week.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient stamina to withstand warmup and stretching then you shall jump to variations or weighted exercises. Moreover, warmup and stretch are a mediocre level exercising which is enough for working people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, athletes need to go for more undoubtedly.

Warmups and stretching exercises are the keys to staying fit without conceding any injuries while working out. Hence, an inevitable factor to consider.

Diet Is Everything

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Exercising will earn you some credentials to take a few cheat days or even weeks. However, it does not mean bad food will not affect the body. Generally, diet holds more importance in maintaining fitness than exercising itself. Because bad food and irregular eating schedule will withhold your physical abilities work to the fullest.

Athletes require a lot of nutritional assistance and monitoring the real-time status of their bodies. It includes typical protein, carbs, minerals, supplements, hydration, etc. controlled diet. On the other hand, we as working people have a little less to look for our diet. However, going for a clean and nutritional diet is always advisable.

Compensate for Cheating

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Lastly, we will agree on a universal behavioral trait we have i.e. cheating. It is difficult to work out regularly because distractions prevail. Moreover, beginners take cheat days which eventually spans to weeks or even months.

The best way to deal with this problem is by doing mild exercises wherever you are on a cheat. Also, cut some food intake the next day. And, start eating a full-filled diet only after you perform a tiring workout again.

It will give you a sense of grinding even on the cheat days. In fact, grinding days are the best ways to make exercising an addiction than scrutiny.

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