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For many of us, washing the mountain bike is a headache. Realizing the need of an hour, we are hereby demonstrating the method of How To Clean A Mountain Bike Quickly and Easily, in 7 simple steps that will make it an ease for you to clean the bike.

Cleaning the mountain bike isn’t a tough job as it seems. You would just require some simple tools and a zeal to clean it. Follow our simple guide and give your mountain bike a new look.

How To Clean A Mountain Bike Quickly and Easily? – Simple Steps to Follow

Below enlisted are simple steps on How To Clean A Mountain Bike Quickly and Easily. Go through them and get rid of all the dirt and unnecessary wastages from your mountain bike.

Gather your Weapons

The task of cleaning begins with gathering the weapons. These weapons include brush, water, bucket, mug, oil, soap or washing powder, a piece of cloth and a lot more. You can also get a lotion so as to give your bike an eye-catching shine. With the help of all these weapons, you will be getting a sigh of relief while getting rid of dirt and other such elements from your bicycle.

Although, you have to be careful that the brush doesn’t have sharp edges. Moreover, you will also require checking the quality of the cloth piece that you will use. It shall be having a soft body. Otherwise, it might leave stains on the bike’s surface.

Wash it with Water

First of all, you have to wash your bicycle completely with water. You don’t require using a jet always. Just a forced flow of water using the mug can be enough. Furthermore, you also have to make it sure not to use water in abundance. Water is precious and you shall be careful while using it. However, you have to make it sure that each of the parts of the bicycle is getting enough amount of water which might loosen the effect of dirt on the bike’s surface.

Remove dirt using brushes and piece of cloth

In the next step on How To Clean A Mountain Bike, you have to make use of brushes and piece of cloth so as to get rid of all the unnecessary elements. Once the water is having enough water everywhere, you shall rub the areas with less dirt using a piece of cloth. Whereas, the places where dirt is in abundance, you can make use of brushes. This will let you clean the bicycle appropriately and all the traces of dirt will be removed very soon.

Look Carefully at Drivetrain and Gear System

While cleaning your mountain bike, cleaning the drivetrain and the gear system seems to be a difficult task. What’s more, these are the areas where there will be a higher amount of dirt elements because of the presence of oil. Due to this, you shall make use of brush properly in these areas. It would also require you to use more water in order to properly clean these areas.

Scrub the Whole Body

It is necessary to scrub the whole body of the bicycle after cleaning it. Using a dry piece of cloth, you shall clean it properly. You will be requiring to lay a good amount of force in order to effectively remove the dirt. It is necessary to lay more effort at this step because even a little presence of moisture can become a big reason responsible for the beginning of corrosion.

Let it dry for sometime

After scrubbing the whole body of the mountain bike, you shall leave it in the sunlight for some time. This would let it dry properly. In case you are washing it in the house, you have to make it sure to leave it for a longer period of time. Riding the wet bicycle will make the dust particles to stick it again. Hence, making your bike again dirty in no time!

Lubricate all the components properly

Once your mountain bike has dried properly, here comes the step of lubrication. In order to reduce the amount of friction in between the components, you have to properly lubricate the rim wheels, chainset, gear system, drive train and every other place where friction occurs. This would make you lay less amount of efforts while riding the mountain bike. Done with it? Now start riding your mountain bike in the way you want!

We hope that with the help of the present comprehensive guide on How To Clean A Mountain Bike Quickly and Easily, you will be able to easily clean your bicycle. In order to make it easier, we have simplified the whole procedure to you. If you wish to learn some more tips and tricks for dealing with the bikes, don’t miss any update of Noomadbike.

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