How To Set The Mountain Bike Seat Height? | Proper MTB Height

The height of the mountain bike seat majorly impacts on the rider’s comfort while riding on it. Due to this, it is utmost necessary that we shall be getting a better level of comfort. If you are keen to know the importance of the mountain bike seat height and want to learn How to set the mountain bike seat height, here is a brief article which will provide you with an in-depth guide about the same.

With the proper height level of the bike, it will become a lot simpler for the rider to ride the mountain bike across any path you wish to. Kindly go through the article and understand all such aspects of the mountain bicycle.

How To Set The Mountain Bike Seat Height – Top tips that you shall follow!

Not wasting your time, just proceed with the tips on How to set the mountain bike seat height. You will surely get a sigh of relief while handling various chores of your mountain bicycle with these points.

Let’s begin with some essential considerations

When adjusting the seat height, the rider’s comfort matters the most. Due to this, you have to keep it at a supreme level. Well now, coming to some essential points, check the given points below and consider them, while adjusting the height.

  • Measure the Inseam First: The inseam makes a major impact on the bike’s seat height. Due to this, we have to focus properly on the height of our inseam. You shall require a personal assistance while measuring up the inseam. Therefore, take a help of your friend and keep the height of the seat 1.09 times as that of the inseam. According to Thomas and Halsey Method, this position is comfortable and simple to apply.
  • Insert below the Level: When you will bring out your seat from the seat post, you will notice some markings on the lever of the seat. These markings indicate the height level of the rider at the given marking. You can take a note of it while adjusting the seat height. However, the main issue that you shall take care of is to not to insert the seat into the post below the insertion level.
  • Often use Dropper Posts: Many people often forget about the dropper’s post. The dropper’s post is not beneficial to us only while races, but also while riding in their day to day life. Using dropper’s post will make your ride on the bike extremely comfortable.
  • Rider’s Posture: While riding the mountain bike, you shall also take care of your posture. Our seat height majorly influences our posture and level of comfort while riding. Hence, it must also be taken care of.

And now proceeding to adjust the Seat Height of your Mountain Bike

After going through the various aspects, it’s now turn to learn How To Set The Mountain Bike Seat Height? Kindly go through the below-given steps and adjust your seat height accordingly.

1. Position your bike

Before proceeding with adjusting your seat height, you have to position your mountain bike properly. It should be standing still and erect. It is tough to adjust the seat height if the bike is not properly balanced. Therefore, using the stand rest, you shall position it perfectly and bring the seat out of the seat post and adjust it at some level approximately to your level of comfort as per the methods explained above.

2. Test Drive

Once you are done with the adjustment of the seat height, you have to tighten it appropriately. After tightening it, now it is time to proceed with a test drive. While test driving, you shall check out the comfortability level, your height and reach to the pedals and the ground and your posture. With all such checks, you will get an idea of the changes and adjustments you will require to make.

3. Make Adjustments

After taking a note of all the necessary adjustments, you have to again adjust the height of the mountain bike as per your desired height. It’s simple and easy and finally, you will get to ride the mountain bike in the way you want.

4. Move anywhere

And now your mountain bike is ready to take you anywhere. All you have to take care of tightening the seat properly in the seat post and it will give you a ride with pleasure.

We hope you liked our ideas on How To Set The Mountain Bike Seat Height. If you are keen to develop your riding skills and wish to get some more exciting information about mountain bikes, keep on reading our articles only on Noomadbike. 

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